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Georgia Toffolo Has Apparently ‘Slid Into’ Scotty T’s DM On Instagram By Sending Flirty Messages

Are they going to get it on??

It seems Georgia Toffolo’s claims that she is ‘too famous’ for love is going down the drain as apparently she has been sending flirty text messages to Scotty T.

Scotty has said that apparently Georgia ‘slid into his dm’s’ after he was asked if he had received any DM’s from other celebrities.

Talking to The Sun Scotty said:

 “There’s loads. I’ve been in London before and Toff slid in my DMs and I slid right back. We sort of slid into each other’s. There’s a couple, there’s loads.”

Then he decided to talk about Katie Price who he was liked too a couple of years ago after they were spotted arriving at a hotel together as he said:

 “She’s got a fanny ain’t she? Because that’s apparently what I do. No, yeah, I would. I’d slide into her DMs.”

Georgia Toffolo Stuns This Morning Viewers With ‘Cringe’ Oscars Interviewing

Since she landing a role on This Morning presenting the showbiz segment her presenting skills have came under discussion.

Now Georgia Toffolo has caused viewers to the morning show to ‘cringe’ after she was on the red carpet at the Oscar awards over the weekend interviewing the stars.

One of the stand out moments was when she was trying to interview Gary Oldman who’s wife wife scolded her for asking if she could be his date.

Another thing what got people talking was when she asked Andy Serkis what his hangover cure is to what he replied and said Prairie oyster.

To what Toff replied back to him:

Ooh, a man after my own heart!’

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield where live chatting to Toff to get the lowdown on her night on the red carpet when she said that she believed the cocktail was a form of actual oyster when she said to the presenter pair:

‘Oh I don’t know, I just thought it was an oyster. I thought that’s one way to get over a hangover’.   

Watching her ont he ITV show one person said:

‘A prairie oyster is a f**king egg…..what Toff’s just got on her face!’

Katie Price Admits She’s Had More ‘Boxtox Than Hot Dinners’ During This Morning Chat With Georgia Toffolo

She’s no stranger to admitting that she has had many cosmetic procedures but no Katie Price has said that she has had more botox ‘than hot dinners’ during a conversation filmed for This Morning with Georgia Toffolo.

Georgia was interviewing Katie backstage at Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway when she asked Katie “Who would be the best spy out of you lot? while Judy Murray, Christopher Biggins and Alan Shearer where in the background to what Katie said:

 “I’ve had more Botox than hot dinners, my face doesn’t say anything.”


Georgia Toffolo Starts Controversal Treatment To Clear Up Her Acne

She’s suffered from her skin since she was 18 years old but no Georgia Toffolo has started controversial treatment to clear up her acne and it has been filmed for This Morning.

Georgia who is forced to wear foundation all the time to cover her spots and even admitted that it was getting to the point where she wouldn’t leave the house without any makeup on.

The medication called Roaccutane has a series of side affects what has included 20 people taking their own lives from mid-2012 to mid-2014, but no firm evidence had been found.


Talking about the struggles of her spots Georgia said:

‘I get really upset when I talk about my spots because I have struggled so much with it, and because what I do for a living, it has put a magnifying glass on the problem,’

‘The lowest point I have ever had was the day before I was meant to be going into the jungle. So I was already in Australia ready to go and my skin was so bad.

‘Obviously you’re not allowed to take foundation in and I cried a lot. I came to the decision that I just couldn’t face being on the television being so exposed without my foundation.

Lets hope they continue to make her skin better.

I’m A Celebrity’s Georgia Toffolo And Stanley Johnson To Get Their Own TV Show!

They where the starts of last year’s I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here but now Geordia Toffolo and Stanley Johnson are going to be getting their own TV show.

Reports have been saying that both Stanley and Georgia are to get their own show but not much information is out at the moment apart from it will air on ITV.

Stanley said recently to The Sun:

“I haven’t seen Toff since we got out of the jungle but I’ve absolutely kept in touch with her,”  “In fact, we’re lined up to present a show together for ITV.

“They think we’re a natural TV duo.”

He continued:

“I can’t reveal too much about it, but I have a really good feeling about it.”

“Toff and I get on very well. She’s always telling people that she loves me like a granddad,”

There show would be amazing we have to say.

What do you think??

Georgia Toffolo Paised By This Morning Viewers After She Stars Presenting On The New Show

Georgia Toffolo Paised By This Morning Viewers After She Stars Presenting On The New Show

Today was an exciting day for Georgia Toffolo as she started her new job presenting on This Morning.

Georgia was on the show and has been praised by the viewers after she discussed her experience with being trolled online.

Viewer priased the bubberly blonde as some even called her a ‘fantastic role model’ on Twitter.

Toff was sitting on that famous sofa when she talked about how online trolls have targeted her since she returned from the I’m A Celebrity jungle last month.

Georgia said:

‘I am very lucky that I get lovely comments, but there a few nasty ones. It’s so annoying, as all the horrible ones stick in your mind.’

Georgia then talked about how the trolls have targeted her over her skin condition what causes her to have spots.

She continued to say:

‘I am feeling really spotty at the moment.

‘I read comments saying ‘Oh she needs to get some Clearasil’,

‘At least I am lucky enough that I can cover up my spots. I do think about young boys who can’t cover them up with make-up.’

She really is so brave to open up the way she did on the show and we have to say her opening up like she has it going to help so many people.

She really is a role model.