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Jessica Shears Strips Off To MARRY Dom Lever On GMB

They are set to marry for real but on Wednesday Jessica Shears and Dom Lever stripped off on Good Morning Britain for a playful ceremony with presenter Richard Arnold, who had been ordained for the occasion.

Jess was dressed in a white bikini while Dom was just in white shorts

Twitter rupted with comments after they stripped off while doing their interview to ‘get married’ but one person who was watching the show on his holidays was show presenter Piers Morgan who tweeted:

Can I cover the live divorce when I get back in 10 days?

While another viewers said:

Have you ever seen anything so cringey!? Lol

Another another said:

The most PATHETIC thing I’ve ever witnessed #gmb

Good Morning Britain Viewers Ask If Kate Garraway Has Had A Boob Job

Viewers to Good Morning Britain have been asking if Kate Garraway has gone under the knife and had a boob job.

The presenter was presenting the show from the London studios when fans started tweeting asking if she had gone under the knife as her boobs looked bigger than usual.

One person tweeted:

“kate garraway has grown some serioussssssss boobs overnight  #GMB”

Kate posed before the show in her £12.99 Zara dress and we have to say she looked fantastic.

Good Morning Britain Is Named The Most Complained About TV Show Of 2017

Must be such an amazing award lol.

Good Morning Britain has been named the most complained about TV show of 2017 and most of the complaints have been down to presenter Piers Morgan.

Piers seemed excited with the title as he shared the news to his Twitter account along with the caption of:

 ‘BOOM! No 1!’

Sources have said that just one episode of GMB what aired in September received a whopping 1,142 Ofcom complaints after it featured an interview with a gay conversion therapist.


Susanna Reid Left Scarred After Studio Light Smashes Live On Good Morning Britain

It scared the life out of her.

Susanna Reid has been left scare after a studio light broken and smashed live while she was presenting Good Morning Britain.

Susanna screamed with fear after the bulb smashed on Monday night’s episode of the ITV show.

She shouted:

‘Oh my days!’

To what weatherman Alex Beresford stressed:

‘No one was hurt’.

Piers then said:

‘Well that’s certainly livened up the morning weather report… one of our lights just got smashed to pieces.’

Bless her it really did scare her.

Katie Price Has Trouble Speaking On Good Morning Britain After Having New Teeth

Katie Price Has Trouble Speaking On Good Morning Britain After Having New Teeth

On Monday Katie Price appeared on Good Morning Britain but she could hardly speak after gettin her new veneers in Turkey has left her with a mouth full of ulcers and pain.

Katie was away in Turkey last week starting the process for the new gnashers and they seem to have caused her nothing but trouble.

Katie came under a lot of fire last week after she canceled all of the rest of her tour but then jetted out to Turkey for the teeth.

During the very short interview Katie said:

I have got luminous teeth because I’m having my teeth done and they are like a gum shield.

“My mouth is full of ulcers.

Katie then said that she is having the new teeth put in tomorrow morning as she continued to say:

“I’m flying off to Turkey later to get my new teeth in the morning.”

Piers then joked about how Katie was dressed as she was wearing casual white top, joggers and heels when she turned to Piers and said:

 “Shut up Piers, I’m not in the mood.”

She wasnt taking no prisoners this morning now was she?

Kate Garraway Surprises GMB Viewers As She Dresses In Geri Horner’s Union Jack Dress

Kate Garraway Surprises GMB Viewers As She Dresses In eri Horner's Union Jack Dress

You go girl.

Kate Garraway has sent Good Morning Britain viewers crazy after she was dressed in Geri Horner’s Union Jack Dress from the Spice Girls days.

The presenter was wearing the dress after she was interviewing Geri about her new George Michael tribute single Angel In Chains.

Kate, 50 surprised the singer as she was in that famous 1997 BRIT Awards dress and we have to say she looked simply fab in it.

Putting her arm around Kate, Geri said:

“Wow you’ve got it,” “I think you look lovely.”

Then the pre-recorded interview went off and Kate said in the studio:

“We were both supposed to be wearing the dress, but Geri said no and left me hanging.”

Such a funny moment and she just looks fab int hat dress

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