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Gogglebox’s Amy Tapper Has ‘Fallen’ For Eyal Booker After Meeting On Celebs Go Dating

Well this is an unexpected pairing.

With the new series of Celebs Go Dating about to start it seems there might be a relationship blossoming already.

Gogglebox star Amy Tapper has joined the Celebrity Dating Agency on the show and has took a shining  to Love Island’s Eyal Booker out on a few dates and it seems that she really has fallen for him.

Amy is apparently ‘really taken’ with the heartthrob and it seems she is not the only one.

It’s been said that fellow Celebs Go Dating celebrities Olivia Attwood and Chloe Sims have also fallen for his charms but Amy seems head over heels.

A source has said:

 ‘Everyone from Chloe to Olivia think he’s so fit and such a nice guy. Amy is really taken with him. He’s the talk of the show – he’s so intense when he speaks to you, it’s hard not to fall for him.

‘Bosses are actually worried that the celebs will want to date him, not the people lined up by the dating agency.’

But it’s looking like Eyal is taking things very serious as another source said:

‘If any of the girls do make a move, they’re set to have their heart broken. Eyal’s taking it very, very seriously and has his heart set on meeting someone special.’

We are so looking forward to the new series is going to be great.

Gogglebox star George Gilbey Is Charged With Attacking His Girlfriend And Smashing Home Up

Gogglebox star George Gilbey has been arreseted and charged after he attacked his girlfriend Gemma Conway and he decided to “shoved” the mother of his daughter out of the way.

George smashed the house up causing £400 worth of damages.

The police where called to the home  in Twickenham, on Friday and arrested the reality TV star and was taken to Kingston police station for questioning.

Later on that day he was charged with one offence of assault by beating and one offence of criminal damage to property valued under £5,000.

EastEnders’ June Brown And Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin Cover Their Faces In Urine

The things same people would do to look younger.

Eastenders’ actress June Brown and Gogglebox Sandra Martin have covered their faces in their own urine on new ITV show 100 Years Younger in 21 Days.

The pair who have already had snails crawl all over their faces decided to put the urine onto their faces as they peed into funnels and then poured the wee onto their faces and left it on for 10 minutes.

Viewers watching at home just couldn’t believe what they were seeing and we have to say nether would we.

Would you use Urine on your face to look younger?

Gogglebox’s Sandra Refuses To Say Why She Got Sacked From Panto On Loose Women As She Was Caught Drinking Before Going On Stage

It was in December that it was reported that Sandra Martin from Gogglebox was sacked from her panto role after she was caught drinking before she went out on stage.

Now Sandra has appeared on Loose Women and refused to comment when the ladies asked her why she was shocked from the panto.

Nadia Sawalha said to Sandra:

 “You were gonna be in panto weren’t you?”

To what she replied back:

“Yeah I had to leave that one… long story.”

Nadia then asked back:

“Due to health issues…” before laughing nervously.

Janet Street Porter yelled:

“We won’t go there!”

To what Sandra then said:

“You get me!”

Yeah don’t think we will go any further.

Gogglebox Viewers Left Shocked At The Way Jeremy Corbin Opens Bag Of Celebrations Chocolates

Gogglebox Viewers Left Shocked At The Way Jeremy Corbin Opens Bag Of Celebrations Chocolates

What is he doing??

Gogglebox viewers have been left shocked at the way Jeremy Corbin opens a bag of celebration chocolates.

Jeremy was struggling to open the bag before putting it to his mouth and opened it with his teeth.

Corbin was on Gogglebox on Friday night as a part of the  Stand Up To Cancer special as he sat alongside actress Jessica Hynes.

Corbin said to Jessica:

“I think we need to eat something unhealthy, like… crisps!”

Watching the show viewers where left shocked and confused as one person tweeted:

“The man can’t open a zip lock bag of celebrations why would we let him run the country?”

While another said:

 “Manage the country, he can barely open the Celebrations….”

A third said:

“Corbyn clearly not that familiar with a bag of Celebrations # hamfisted.”

He really did struggle with that bag.

Gogglebox Viewers Left Angry After ‘Long’ Google Home Advert Is Played

Gogglebox Viewers Left Angry After 'Long’ Google Home Advert Is Played

Fans have slammed Gogglebox on Friday night after a two minute advert was aired.

In the advert it was all the families from the episode what was airing on Gogglebox but they where watching a zoo documentary on the TV and they all started to use Google Home device.

The families started to ask the Google facts about giraffes and ‘how long will it take to get to Chester Zoo’.

Viewers to the show took to their social media accounts to complain about how long the add was on as one person said:

“I didn’t know half of #Gogglebox will just be an advert for Google.”

While another said:

“I’d love to know how much @Google paid for that ad in between @C4Gogglebox !?! #GoogleAssistant #Gogglebox.”

While one funny person said:

“Google? When does the programme stop & the advert begin #Gogglebox.”

We have to say the add did go on for a while.