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Longleat’s Nico The Silver Back Gorilla Has Passed Away

Nico the silver back Gorilla has passed away at Longleat safari Park.

Nico who was the oldest silverback gorillas in the world passed away on Sunday 7TH January in the home where he lived since he arrived at the park in 1980s.

Nico was always known for being being a little grumpy and prefered his own company while he spent his days watching Sky TV.

Longleat have said on Monday evening:

Everyone here has been truly saddened by the death of Nico. His main keeper has been working with Nico virtually on a daily basis since 1989 and has forged an extraordinarily close bond with him. It goes without saying that he is particularly devastated by the loss along with the rest of his keeping team who have cared for Nico over the years.

“We know that so many of you cared for Nico and have visited him over the years, so please join us in celebrating the life of such a magnificent creature.”

Such sad news R.I.P Nico.

London Zoo Escaped Gorilla Helped Himself To Blackcurrant Squash While On The Loose

Born Free Want 'Urgent Inquiry' Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

It was a week ago that naughty gorilla Kumbuka, broke out of his enclosure at London Zoo but got into a keeper only zone.

Now we have learnt that Kumbuka helped himself to blackcurrant squash while he was on the run.

Now Prof David Field has written a report about him escaping and his findings have said that it was not as serious as people though.

He said:

“There were no broken locks, Kumbuka did not smash any windows, he was never ‘on the loose’ and his normal gorilla posturing reported by visitors earlier in the day was unrelated.”

Kumbuka found a opened door that was not locked just after feeding time at 17:00 BST last Thursday.

A keeper managed to talk to Kumbuka and got him to safety.

He then went into anothe rpart of the enclosure and helped himself to five liters of blackcurrant squash lol.

Bless him we have to say this did make us chuckle today.

Sir David Attenborough Defends London Zoo Gorilla What Excaped

Sir David Attenborough Defends London Zoo Gorilla What Excaped

With the news breaking last week about the 29 stone Gorilla what escaped from London Zoo animal fanatic Sir David Attenborough has defended the gorilla escaping.

Talking on Good Morning Britain David admitted that it’s ‘hardly surprising’ that the gorilla got ‘fed up’, and smashed the glass of it’s enclosure.

He said:

‘They are wonderful animals, gorillas. They are animals which guard their privacy,’

‘In the forests of west Africa, they don’t live out in the open. They aren’t stared at by people. They value their privacy.’

David then spoke more about how it must feel for the gorrilla to have people staring at him for many hours of the day:

‘To be subjected to … to have a panel of glass, for 10 hours a day or whatever it is…

‘If the people were respectful that would be something,’ he said. ‘Sometimes visitors to zoos are not respectful and they start shrieking or waving their arms in order to get the poor gorilla to do something.

‘You might think, oh they’re just animals. They are not just animals. They are related to us. They value their privacy. Just imagine what it’s like to be there…’

David then said that he thinks Zoo’s should think about the animals before they make their enclosures:

‘That finally the alpha male, the big gorilla, got fed up with it, is hardly surprising.’

 ‘There’s a lot has to be said for zoos but they have to bear in mind the sensitivity of animal.

‘A gorilla is not like a fish. A gorilla is closely related to us. It has feelings. It can get distressed easily and they do. We have to pay attention to that.’

We agree with everything Sir David said there.

Maybe Zoo’s should team up with David and he could design the enclosures.

Gorilla Escaping From London Zoo: Here’s What We Know Already

Born Free Want 'Urgent Inquiry' Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

Yesterday we broke the news to you that 29 stone gorilla Kumbuka escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo yesterday.

Since the news broke there have been lots of more information come out about what just went on and how the animal got out of his cage and into a “keeper only zone”.

Below is a look back at all the information we know already about the escape.

BREAKING NEWS: Gorilla Escapes From London Zoo!

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Gorilla On The Loose At London Zoo Is Darted And Returned To Its Enclosure

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Gorilla At London Zoo “Cracked” Its Enclosure In Escape Bid

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Born Free Want ‘Urgent Inquiry’ Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

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Born Free Want ‘Urgent Inquiry’ Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

Born Free Want 'Urgent Inquiry' Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

Born Free have called for ‘Urgent Inquiry’ over the 29 stone gorilla that escaped from it’s enclosure into a ‘keeper zone’ yesterday afternoon.

The gorilla known as Kambuku kept on jumping up at the glass surrounding his enclosure forcing it to crack and letting the animals escape.

Chris Draper, the foundation’s associate director for animal welfare and care has said:

“While we are relieved that this incident apparently ended without injury to visitors or to the gorilla, it is yet another startling reminder of the risks associated with maintaining dangerous wild animals in captivity,”

“We are calling for an urgent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding this escape, and into safety procedures at London Zoo.”

The zoo staff have said that they are going to be investigating just how he escaped so we will keep you posted on this when we know more.

Gorilla At London Zoo “Cracked” Its Enclosure In Escape Bid


As we have been reporting to you about the 29 stone gorilla what excPter from its enclosure yesterdY at London Zoo.

Well now we have found out a. Little more about what happend.

According to eyewitnesses the gorilla named as Kumbuku has been “angry” all day and was constantly busting up and hitting the glass forcing the glass to wobble and crack letting the animal exscape.

Eyewitnesses told MailOnline they were told not to look the seven-foot tall gorilla in the eye for fear of agitating the beast.

Ignoring the warnings, some visitors were heard shouting at Kumbuka and ‘egging him on’ in the seconds before he charged – in scenes described as ‘like something out of Jurassic Park’.

Apparently one keeper who worlds at ZSL Zoo told Buzzfeed:

 ‘He’s a f*****g psycho, that ape. He’s smacked the enclosure glass a couple of times.’

A stetment was published on the Zoos website and it said:

A male gorilla got out of his den at ZSL London Zoo and into a non-public keeper area at 5:13pm on Thursday, 13 October 2016. The gorilla remained contained within the exhibit’s off show area.

They continued to say:

Staff responded immediately and the 18-year-old gorilla – named Kumbuka – was tranquilized by vets and returned to his den, where we can confirm he is awake and well.

It is not yet confirmed how the incident occurred and a full investigation will be carried out to determine what happened.

The exhibit is secure and we are grateful to all of our staff and visitors for their cooperation, enabling us to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

ZSL London Zoo will be open tomorrow (Friday 14 October).

We will keep you up to date on this story.