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Love Island Girls Spotted Out Of Villa Having Nails And Hair Done

Love Island girls are allowed to pop out of the villa and get their nails and hair done despite viewers being told that they have to say in the villa all day and are only allowed out to do tasks.

The girls including Tyla, Amber, Gabby, Montana and Olivia where all photo graphed waking the streets in a location in Spain to go to a local hair and beauty salon.

This comes after people noticed that Camillas eyelashes looked a lot different from the start of the series to the middle and they where questioning if she had had them done or not.

Viewers have said before that there is no way that them girls do their hair and makeup themselves and now it’s looking like they don’t.

Former Love Island contestant from series 2 Kady McDermott said that they only have their hair and makeup don’t by a professional for the final show of the series but now it’s looking like these girls are having it fine all the time.

Love Island’s Chloe Crowhurst Looks So Diffrent As A Teenager!

‘Wow the difference is amazing.

Chloe Crowhurst has changed so much over the years from different hairstyles to diffrent hair colour it’s clear that since the Love Island star really has changed her appearance.

In one photo taken last year Chloe had dark short hair and diffrent makeup to what is seen on the to what we see on the TV this current date.

Make sure you check out the photo below.

Loose Women Viewers Can’t Make Out Why Katie Price Has “Popcorn” In Her Hair

Loose Women Viewers Can't Make Out Why Katie Price Has "Popcorn" In Her Hair

Loose Women viewers have been asking what Katie Price had in her hair on Loose Women Wednesday afternoon.

Katie was on the panel today where she had what viewers to the show called it “popcorn” but it was actually gold leaf for decoration.

One person tweeted:

“What’s that scrambled egg stuff on the side of Katie ‘s head?”

Another said:

“For some reason Loose Women is on my tv & I’m wondering why Katie Price looks like she has crisps stuck to her head??”

Other viewers decided to call it popcorn and some where just completely shocked at what she actually did have in her hair.

Well actually Katie was trying out a new glitter roots trend what we know will be popular now.

Katie Price Shares Selfie With New Pink Hair Dividing Fans

Katie Price Shares Selfie With New Pink Hair Dividing Fans

Katie Price has divided her fans with a new selfie showing off her new pink.

The Loose Women presenter shared the photo to her Instagram showing off her new wig what has divided fans.

Along with the snap she shared:

“Loving my new pink wig handmade by the best @carlbembridgehair makeup by @garycockerill.”

One social media user commented and said:

“Beautiful. Love it.x,”

While another said:

“Not many can pull that off like you!”

But all the comments where not supportive as others where saying that the hair didn’t look good on her at all.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Pink Hair In Tiny Crop Top

She’s no stranger to showing off new looks but over the weekend Kim Kardashian has showed off her new pink hair as she posed in the mirror for her snapchat followers as she showed off her toned tummy.

The 36-year-old showed off the new hair as she was dressed in a crop top and matching underwear.

Kimmy looked amazing with her new hair and we have to say we have massive hair envy at the moment.

Katy Perry Goes For The Chop As She Has Completely Different New Look

Katy Perry Goes For The Chop As She Has Completely Different New Look

She’s had lots of different looks in her time but now Katy Perry has gone for the Justin Bieber look as she has had her hair comply chopped off.

The singer posed for a photo what she shared on her Instagram page showing off the dramatic look as we have to say she looks so different.

Katy also filmed all of the process on her Snapchat showing her going from long locks to short.

Along with the snap the pop singer shared:

‘Fifth element flow,’

We have to say we are not the biggest fan of her new hair but what do you think??

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