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Holly Willoughby Dresses In Skimpy Wonder Woman Costume As She Films Celebrity Juice Halloween Special

Holly Willoughby has showed off her recent weight loss as she posed dressed as Wonder Woman for Celebrity Juice Halloween special.

The This Morning presenter looked amazing as she wore the outfit and posed for a number of photos before the filming took place.

Willoughby shared the photos to her Instagram account where she shocked her followers with her slimmer downed frame what seems to have been shrinking over the last few months.

Have a look at the photos above.

Kanye West ‘Wasn’t In A Good Head Space’ Weeks Before He Was Hospitalized!!

Kanye West Goes Blonde As He Makes His First Public Appearance Since He Was Hospitalized

Sources have been saying that Kanye West has not been in a ‘good head space’ for weeks before he was hospitalized for a breakdown.

The rapper was rushed to hospital on November 21 due to a psychiatric evaluation and now sources have said to People talking about his strange behaviour:

“He wasn’t making a lot of sense when he talked, and he was texting a lot of strange stuff to people. Not dangerous, but he just didn’t make a lot of sense. Part of loving Kanye is that he sometimes is talking on a different level from you, and you just listen. But this was a lot more alarming.”

The source then continued to say that Kanye would be up all night sending weird texts all hours of the night:

“When Kanye gets like this, he doesn’t sleep. So you’d wake up to like 20 texts. The more tired he got from not sleeping, the less sense he was making. He wasn’t in a good head space.”

It clearly looks like Kim Kardashian’s Paris attack and the anniversary of his mother’s death all played a big part in his breakdown:

“The pressure had gotten to him and he didn’t handle it well. He made himself exhausted. But [the exhaustion] was a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself.”

He and the rest of the family have been through so much the last few months we just bet they are looking forward to the new year.

Hilary Duff And Boyfriend Jason Walsh Are Reportedly Over!

Hilary Duff Locks Lips With New Boyfriend Jason Walsh On Instagram

Ohh no what happened here??

We thought that love was flowing through the blood of Hilary Duff and boyfriend Jason Walsh but it seem’s loves young dream is over as according to sources they have split up.

The good news is they are both “definitely good” so there is no bad blood between them.

It was Halloween this year that Hilary was last spotted with her bea and it was back in September that Hilary confirmed her relationship.

It’s all very fresh because they haven’t been dating long so we are hoping that it just a hiccup and it will all be sorted soon!

Fingers crossed!

Kim Kardashian Is All Smiles As She Dresses As Princess Jasmine


Since the attack in Paris Kim Kardashian took herself out of the public eye and has rarely been on social media since.

Now photos have appeared online of Kim dressed up as Princess Jasmine as she messed around with her daughter North West.

The photo above was uploaded to Kim’s website to give fans a glimpse to what Halloween festivities was like this year.

In the lovely image it shows Kim kissing little North as they where both dressed the same.

Then Kim’s mum Kris Jenner decided to share another snap of the mother and daughter together.

Have a look at the snaps above and below.

Kim Kardashian Is All Smiles As She Dresses As Princess Jasmine

Phillip Schofield And Holly Willoughby look Fantastic As They Dress Up For Halloween On This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have taken Halloween to another level as they both dresses up on This Morning

Phillip was wearing the jokers outfit with massive green and white hair with makeup on his teeth making them look rotten. 

Holly was wearing a large red dress with a black wig on and we have to say they both looked so different. 

They looked so fantastic. 

Massive well done to their makeup team. 

James Packer Had “Confrontation” With Mariah Carey’s Dancer!!!


As we have been telling you about how Mariah Carey’s now former boyfriend James Packer, got into a heated row with the singer while they where in Greece.

Now apparently James kicked off at one of Mariah’s dancers Bryan Tanaka.

Apparently James became really jealous about Carey’s relationship with the dancer back in May and it seems it just built up.

Then it was in June when Bryan hurt his lag and was forced to pull out of dancing for  a while and apparently James and him got into a heated row in a hotel room.

It really is getting worse.

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