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Harvey Weinstein Had An ‘Obsession’ With Kelly Brook

Harvey Weinstein Had An 'Obsession' With Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook was left “repulsed” after she found out that Harvey Weinstein became obsessed with her.

Kelly was given her big break by Weinstein as he casted her in 2010 flick Piranha 3D after she was spotted in a cafe by another producer.

A source has said:

“Harvey was infatuated with Kelly.

“He thought she oozed sex appeal and was keen to give her more work. But Kelly never had any interest. His demeanour simply repulsed her.”

Since all the news came out about Harvey Kelly has said that he is a “beast”.

Richard Madeley Makes Controversial Jokes About Harvey Weinstein

Richard Madeley Makes Controversial Jokes About Harvey Weinstein

Richard Madeley has made controversial jokes about the Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein.

It was at a charity event when Madeley joked about a ‘relaxing 60 minute body massage’ then said about how ‘Harvey Weinstein will not be present’ during the charity event

Richard was at the Pinktober Gala charity event at the Dorchester hotel when he made the awful joke on Friday night according to The Sun.

Richard told the crowd:

‘Also included you can choose from the following 60 minute treatments.

‘Personalised facial. Relaxing body massage – Harvey Weinstein will not be present.

‘I would’ve thought by the time you were there reserving the prize he would be in jail.’

Such bad taste.

Not good at all and it’s not really a joking matter now is it?

Hillary Clinton Admits She Feels Regretful About Her Relationship With Harvey Weinstein On The One Show

Hillary Clinton has appeared on The One Show on Friday night where she talked about Harvey Weinstein.

Clinton talked on the magazine show about how she feels “regretful” about her relationship with the Hollywood producer.

The former US secretary of state sat down with Alex Jones and stand in host Amol Rajan for a whole hour interview to talk about her new memoir What Happened, but it wasn’t long starting the interview when they got talking about Weinstein.

Clinton said:

“He is someone who is different from the person I knew, and the person that was involved for many years in Democratic politics for me, and for Barack Obama and so many of us,” “He was very helpful.

She continued:

“It is just appalling, what is coming out now. I want to commend the women who are finally stepping forward. I’m very glad they’re getting support. It will take courage of women stepping forward, and the rest of us supporting them to shine a bright spotlight. It’s not just about one person. This a problem that we’re discovering is endemic in many parts of society.”

Hilary then said that she wishes someone would have known what he was up to sooner:

“I regret that none of us knew about this sooner, and could have done something about it,” she acknowledged. “Of course, he does face consequences. I just want to underscore that it’s not about one person.”


Myleene Klass Told Alan Titchmarsh That Harvey Weinstein Had Offered Her A ‘Sex Contract’ In 2010 Interview

During an interview in 2010 Myleene Klass outed Harvey Weinstein to Alan Titchmarsh.

Klass was appearing on The Alan Titchmarsh Show when she whispered Weinstein into Alan’s ear during the interview.

They started talking about the topic when Alan said:

‘What’s this I read in the paper today about this Hollywood star propositioning you across a table?’

Alan asked Myleen to say the name live on the TV but she refused but agreed to whisper it into his ear.

At one point of the interview Myleene started to say ‘H’ before stopping herself saying the rest of the name.

Alan then asked her if the male in question was offering ‘an extra-murial [sic] affair?’ she replied back and said ‘yes’.

After she revealed the name into his ear Alan seemed really shocked who she had said.

Watch the interview below.