Chuckle Brother’s Star Paul Chuckle Says He’s Had Coronavirus And Begs Fans To Stay At Home

Paul Chuckle has confirmed to his followers that he has recovered after having Coronavirus.

Paul has said that he has suffered ‘mild symptoms’ as he took to Twitter on Monday evening.

In the short video he said:

‘Hi guys, just checking in to let you know I’m

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Reason Behind Love Island’s Niall’s Exit Relieved!

It’s been announced that Niall left Love Island due to health problems.

Niall suddenly fell ill just nine days into the show and in a agreement with the producers they decided that it’s time for him to leave the show.

It was announced on Tuesday that Niall had to leave the show due to ‘personal reasons’ and people where thinking that something had happened to a family member as there seemed to have been nothing wrong with him inside the villa.

Clearly the producers never showed him poorly.

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Eamonn Holmes Admits He Has A Hearing Aid After Aparently Going Through ‘Manopause’

Eamonn Holmes has admitted that his health has declined causing him to need a hearing aid after going through the ‘manopause’.

The broadcaster has said:

‘Of course there is a manopause. There is a natural decline. And I’m not a superhuman. But I have a positivity,

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