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Hugh Roast Dinners, Massive Kitchen And Kids Toys A Rare Glimpse Into Holly Willoughby’s £3 Million Pound Home

Holly Willoughby is a massive Instagram user with a whopping £3.4 million followers and she’s shared over 1,050 pictures with her daily outfit posts Holly shares a lot about herself on the photo sharing website but one thing what we rarely get to see is inside her beautiful £3 million pound London home.

Now looking back though ehr profile at a handful of photos you can see what style Holly has her home as it seems she is a big fan of designer crockery, massive roast dinners and childrens toys all over the house.

Holly’s home what she shares with her husband Dan Baldwin, and three children Harry, eight, Belle, six, and Chester, three is covered in Emma Bridgewater’s work what includes photos on the walls and mugs what cost £56.

It was in November of last year when Holly shared a photo of more of Emma’s work as she had purchased some Christmas collection bowls and plates and of course a home wouldn’t be a home without something to drink.

Holly has shared a photo of some bottles of alcoholic Mojitos drinks.

Her home sure does look stunning.

Have a look at the photos above.

Sam Faiers Moves Into Niall Horan’s £1.5 Million Home After She Admits To Having A Crush On The Former One Direction Singer

She’s previously admitted to having a crush on Niall Horan but now Sam Faiers is sleeping in his bedroom.

The former TOWIE star has decided to live in his £1.5 million pound home in Hertfordshire and we have to say the home is simply stunning.

Sam  previously confessed that she has a ‘slight crush’ on him due to his luscious blonde locks.

A source has reported to The Sun:

 ‘Sam moved out of Essex because she no longer wants to be seen as the girl from TOWIE [The Only Way Is Essex]’.

‘She’s been seen popping into a few of the shops and enjoying a drink in the local pub. She seems like a lovely girl.

Sam has made no secret that she has wanted to get out of Essex and move away because she no longer wanted to be seen as a essex girl and the move to hertfordshire seems like the correct thing to do for her.

She must love living in her crushes home but at the end of the day what girl wouldn’t.

Transgender Boxing Promoter Kellie Maloney Opens Up About Her Troubles To Be Excepted In The Big Brother House

Transgender Boxing Promoter Kellie Maloney Opens Up About Her Troubles To Be Excepted In The Big Brother House

Last week news broke that former boxer promoter Frank Maloney came out and admitted that he is now living as a woman called Kellie.

Well on Monday Kellie entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and just as she steles into the house she has opened up about her troubles to be excepted as a woman.

Talking to boxer Audley Harrison and actor Gary Busey on Wednesday she said:

‘I’ve never been so content.

‘Because I was living a lie all the other times, a total lie… Before I accepted Kellie… I was so judgemental of people. And it was so wrong.

‘When you think of it, it’s not right. You shouldn’t judge people… Because you’re hiding something.’

 Kellie continued:

‘For me, I came into this to help discover myself. That’s the reason I came in here… I’m telling my story. I don’t care if I’m voted out in the first [week]. I’ve won just coming in here.’

Audley then said to Kellie:

‘I have to understand you. But when you’re judgemental you can’t understand anybody else. You can’t understand yourself.

‘So it makes you feel better to take the heat off you to then throw the stones the other way and then it’s like, “Hey, I don’t have to look at myself.”

‘But look at you now – you’ve let yourself go… Now you can live an authentic life.’

It’s good that Kellie is now happy and feels like she can be herself now!

Lauren Goodger Gets Hospitalised In Dubai

Lauren Goodger hospitalised in Dubai

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger has been hospitalised in Dubi.

Laure broke the new on her Instagram account as she shared a photo of her hooked up to a drip.

Lauren shared the photo along with the caption of:

“Well not how I wanted end my holiday want get home now” 

Thankfully Lauren has now been discharged as her representative has said:

“Lauren is fine now. She had a stressful couple of weeks and coupled with the 50 degree heat in Dubai she collapsed and was taken to hospital. She was put on a drip due to dehydration and then returned home.”

Hopefully now Lauren can recover at home now.

Katie Price Gives Birth To A Baby Girl Two Weeks Early!


Katie Price has given birth!

The news has just broke so we don’t have much information at the moment other that knowing it’s a girl.

Katie was expecting to have a  C-Section on August 15 but today she went into labour and gave birth to a baby girl.

This news comes just days after she had to leave her radio show because she felt queasy.

More news to come when it breaks.

Simon Cowell Says ‘Cheryl Will Be A MUM Soon!!’

Simon Cowell Says 'Cheryl Will Be A MUM Soon!!'

Simon Cowell has dropped some massive news! The music mogul has said on the red carpet at the X Factor auditions yesterday that Cheryl Fernandez-versini ‘will be a mum soon!!’ Simon who became a father for the first time six months ago told reporters:

 “I have told her how great parenting is. She will be next.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the next one to start a family.”

Cheryl would be a really good mum but she’s only been with her man for three months so she really needs to wait.