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BREAKING NEWS!: I’m A Celebrity’s Iain Lee Left ‘Batttered’ After Failling Down Well

News has just broken that I’m A Celebrity contestant Iain Lee has been rushed to hospital after failling down a well.

Taking to his Twitter account Iain tweeted saying that he wont be on his TalkRadio show due to the fall as he wrote:

‘Sorry team. This is messed up. Tonight’s show is cancelled as I’ve fallen down a well. This is not a joke.’

His followers started tweeting him back asking if it was apart of a April Fools jok causing him to reply back:

 “It’s not metaphorical. It’s an actual well. This is nuts. Phone dying. Help is coming but I’m a bit shaken.”

Iain Lee Confesses There Was No Bullying In The I’m A Celebrity Jungle

He’s not been out of the jungle a  week yet but now Iain Lee has confessed that he didnt believe there was any bullying going on in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle.

Camp mates Dennis Wise and Jamie Lomas where accused by viewers of ‘bullying’ the rtadio presenter but in the last couple of days Iain has said that there was no such thing going on.

Talking on Friday nights Coming Out show Iain said:

“There was no bullying going on. Let’s quash this rumour once and for all.

“Bullying is a very serious thing. It’s a huge word. There was no bullying whatsoever.”

Ofcom recieved over 300 complaits about what was going on in the camp this series.

Dennis Wise Accuses ITV Of Making Him Look Like A Bully On I’m A Celebrity

Dennis Wise Accuses ITV Of Making Him Look Like A Bully On I'm A Celebrity

He’s been branded a ‘bully’ thought the series of  I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here but now Dennis Wise has blamed ITV for the way they edited the show to make him look like he was bullying Iain Lee.

Dennis also continued to say that he believes his “history” as a bad boy footballer played a part in the row.

Wise said:

“Unfortunately in life you get goodies and the baddies – and I am a baddie.”

Talking about his relationship with Iain he said:

 “My relationship with Iain is fine. I am not a person who likes bullying. I am a person who says what I think and I am working from a ­competitive angle. I have always been in this team element.

“Iain knows the situation and Iain is comfortable with it. Iain has spent time on his own when he needed to. You don’t hear everything or see everything.”


Will Iain Lee Win I’m A Celebrity?

Iain Lee Has Been Sending Secret Messages To His Loved Ones From I'm A Celebrity Jungle

At the start of the series Iain Lee wasn’t the most liked person in camp but now it seems the tables have turn ed and now he could actually win the show.

Iain has been favoured every single night with the votes and now people have asked for him to win the show on social media after other camp mates like Dennis Wise and Jamie loams have been accused of ‘bullying’ the radio star.

What do you think could he win the show??

I’m A Celebrity Bosses Thinking About Removing Dennis Wise After Being Accused Of Bullying Iain Lee

It’s been reported that ITV bosses are thinking about removing Dennis Wise from the  I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle after he has been accused of ‘bullying’ Iain Lee.

The former footballer left viewers furious after he got into a  row with Iain Lee and now has been accused of ‘bullying’.

It’s been reported that the ITV producers of the show are in talks about removing Dennis from the show just days before the final of the series.

An insider of the show has said:

 “Producers have been holed up in meetings debating whether to reprimand Dennis or remove him altogether.

“They have a duty of care to all contestants they take very seriously.”

What do you think of the situation??

I’m A Celebrity’s Iain Lee Signs Up To I’m A Celebrity To Pay For Mother’s Home Care Fee

It’s been revealed that Iain Lee is taking part on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here to pay for his mother’s home care.

The Sun newspaper has said that mother is  suffering from severe MS and has to have around the clock care is costing Iain £1,500 a week.

Iain has been quoted telling The Sun:

“We can’t afford to keep her there. It’s very upsetting,”

A source has now said:

“His mum’s care home costs are a great concern for Iain,””He’ll be able to use a proportion of his jungle fee to stabilise the situation.

“He’s made no secret of the fact he can’t wait to get home to his boys but knowing the money will be a huge help to his mum is stopping him from walking out.”


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