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Zayn Malik Celebrates Breakup From Girlfriend Gigi Hadid With New Tattoo On His HEAD!!!!

Most people cry into a pillow after they split up from their boyfriend or girlfriend but not Zayn Malik.

it was at the start of this week that Zayn announces that he had split from his girlfriend of two years Gigi Hadid and now he has decided to go out and get a new tattoo on his head.

The former One Direction singer decided to have a follower on the back of his head and he proudly showed it off on Instagram on Friday evening.

Sadly his Instagram followers didn’t take much to the new ink as some of them thought that he had a ‘rattail’ on the back of his head.

What do you think of Zayn’s new ink??

Lady Gaga Gets her 20TH Tattoo!

Lady Gaga GeLady Gaga Gets her 20TH Tattoo!ts her 20TH Tattoo!

She’s no stranger to having tattoos but now Lady Gaga has had her 20th.

The singer decided to dedicate the ink to her Haus of GaGa team who have been with her since day dot making and creating her outfits including that amazing meat dress.

Taking to her Snapchat she said:

“Almost our 10 yr anniversary Haus tattoos.”

The tattoo is of a mouse and she has the word “Haus” written at the top on the inking.

Gaga filmed the whole process of getting the new ink on her Snapchat account and she also dedicate the tattoo to her sister, Natalie.

Have a look at the ink above.

Tattoo Fixers Get A Shock As Man Wants Leg Cover Up Of His Wifes Face

They say to never have you partner’s name or portrait tattooed on your body but it seems a man on Tattoo Fixers wanted exactly that.

On Wednesday night the new series of Tattoo Fixers starts and the fixers meet an man who wants a tattoo on his leg covered up with “with something meaningful” immediately.

That “something meaningful” was a portrait of his wife’s face on his leg!

The man called luke explained to Sketch, Jay Hutton, Paisley Billings and Alice Perrin:

“Me and my mate had had a drink, and were like, ‘Should we get our names tattooed next to each other’s penis?”

He continued:

“The tattoo artist asked if she could tattoo something else on my leg, telling me it would be a surprise.”

The tattoo said:

“I’m a sexy boy”

Clearly his wife Nikki didn’t like the ink so he just wanted it covered over.

We will have to see tonight what the new ink looks like but have a look at his old tattoo below.

Tattoo Fixers Get A Shock As Man Wants Leg Cover Up Of His Wifes Face

Justin Bieber Gets New Abs Tattoo! See The New Ink HERE!

Justin Bieber Gets New Abs Tattoo! See The New Ink HERE!

Justin Bieber has decided to add another tattoo to his large collection as this time it’s across his abs.

The singer showed off th enew ink at his concert in Italy over the weekend.

Bieber decided to have ‘Son Of God’ inked across his abs and he wasn’t shy about flashing them to a massive crowd showing the new ink off.

Any excuse to get his abs out to a group of ladies lol.

David Beckham Talks Tattoos As He Admits They Are The Story Of His Life

david beckham tattoos

He’s covered in tattoo’s from nearly head to toe but now David Beckham has been talking about his works out art and said that they are the story of his life.

David who has a number of tattoo’s to do with his family.

Beckham has been talking about the ink in a new commercial for his new collaboration with skincare brand Biotherm Homme.

Talking about the large eagle tattoo David admitted that it was his first ink and he had it because eagles are his favour animal.

David has his tattoo’s at Los Angeles based tattoo studio Shamrock Social Club where they have done most of his many inkings.

Talking about his inks what represent his children he said:

‘I was watching Harper draw one day,’ ‘I thought, I’m gonna have it tattooed on me.’

David has the drawing on his palm of his hand and it really is super cute.

His tatts are simply lovely and it’s nice to know that he has them because they mean things to him and not just because he want’s to be covered in ink.

Robbie Williams Wants New Tattoo On His HEAD!!

Robbie Williams Wants New Tattoo On His HEAD!!

He’s a massive lover of body art and as we told you earlier it’s rubbing off on his four-year-old daughter Teddy but now Robbie Williams want’s to have a tattoo on his head!

Robbie’s wife Ayda Field has said that he wan’s one on his head and is really thinking about getting the ink.

Talking recently his lovely wife said:

“He literally wants one on his face. No thank you. He wanted something aggressive on the neck too but I said no. Sometimes Baby has to be put in the corner.”

It was only earlier this year that Robbie said that he has no planes on stopping with the ink as he said:

“The latest one was gifted to me by my wife for my birthday. A tattoo artist turned up and he inked The Two Ronnies’ glasses, and then I had Morecambe and Wise done.”

Poor Ayda!

We don’t personally think he should get one on his face.

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