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Massive Row Kicks Off On Loose Women As Jane Moore Calls Kaye Adam’s ‘Stupid’ Over Obese Kids!

It all kicked off on Loose Women on Friday afternoon as Jane Moore kicked off at fellow Loose Women panelist Kaye Adams forcing host Andrea McLean to step in and split them up.

It was during a conversation about obese kids when Jane called Kaye ‘stupid’ over her comments.

Throughout the whole show there was a frosty tension between all the women and it seem to be awkward viewing.

Kaye started off by saying:

“I don’t think it’s helpful to blame parents, as a parent myself I do find it difficult.

“We are surrounded with unhealthy options, rubbish food is cheaper.

Jane then said back:

“I get all that, but a four-year-old severely obese, you’re taking away people’s responsibility.

“If you have an obese four-year-old it’s because you as a parent have fed them rubbish.

“You can’t say it’s not my fault, I don’t understand about junk food.”

Kaye then hit back with:

“That’s so unfair Jane, we have fetished food, a lot of people don’t live in beautiful kitchens, they work shifts.”

The pair gave little digs at one and other thought the programme and it didn’t go unnoticed by the viewing public.

Viewers took to social media after it all kicked off as one person said:

And another:

More news to come.

Loose Women Studio Lights Go Out During Live Broadcast

During the live broadcast of Loose Women on Thursday afternoon all the lights went down in the studio.

The presenters including Kate Garraway, Stacey Solomon, Ayda Fielding and Jane Moore seemed shocked when the lights went out as Kate shouted out that someone needed to put money in the meter.

The audience cheered when the lights came back on and the show went back to normal.

The love of live tv lol.

Loose Women Go Naked Live On ITV

Wow we wasn’t expecting this at all.

During today’s Loose Women the presenters including Ruth Langsford, Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Kelli Young all stripped off during a segment as they crossed live to the This Morning studioes.

The girls where standing behind coloured screens to cover their modesty as this comes after they had Anna Richardson on the show who is the host of Naked Attraction.

Katie Price flashes Her New Teeth On Loose Women As She Admits She ‘Had To Have New Teeth’

Katie Price has flashed her new teeth on Loose Women on Thursday afternoon.

Katie has flown to Turkey this week to have her new veneers after her other ones where ’10 years old and getting a bit old’.

Talking on the show Katie then said:

‘When I was drunk I fell off a skateboard and cracked my veneers. I was flying backwards and forwards to Turkey doing them and then last week I was due on Loose Women.

She continued:

‘Last week they put me out for five hours and I flew back the next day, which was fine because they gave me all the antibiotics and everything and then on my way [to the television appearance on Loose Women], I was like, “‘Oh my God, I feel really ill, really, really ill.

‘And I read the box and – because I’m allergic to penicillin – that’s what they’d given me so I was really ill for days after that. And then I did a chat with Piers Morgan with my temporaries and I was in so much pain.’

Then fellow Loose Women Jane Moore piped up and asked why she has them done in Turkey to what Katie replied:

“They are better they are more advance i feel”

More news to come…

Coleen Nolan Calls Ruth Langsford An “Old Slapper” After She Fell On Top Of Anton Du Beke On Strictly Come Dancing

Coleen Nolan Calls Ruth Langsford An "Old Slapper" After She Fell On Top Of Anton Du Beke On Strictly Come Dancing

Ruth Langsford was left red faced on Saturday night after she fell on top of her dance partner Anton De Beke while she was dancing now presenting her slot on Loose Women Ruth talked about the moment as she got a funny grilling from her co-presenters.

Coleen Nolan called her a “old slapper” as they showed the clip of Ruth on top of Anton as Coleen said:

 “I know you want to ignore it, I know you want to forget it. But this was the moment of the weekend for me.”

“I know it was a genuine moment as well, you guys didn’t plan that.”

Jane Moore then added:

“It’s the Loose Women training to make something funny out of an embarrassing situation.”

Trying to explain what happened Ruth then said:

“It’s because I was his cape and he covered me over his leg at the end so when we feel I just wanted to get up and cover him.”

To what Coleen said back:

“You’re an old slapper who wanted to get on him in the end and show us what you’re really like.”

“You were on top of the dance, on top of the dancer.”

Poor Ruth.

Loose Women Admits Their Tattoos As Tattoo Fixers Appear On The Show

Loose Women Admits Their Tattoos As Tattoo Fixers Appear On The Show

The Tattoo fixxers appeared on Loose Women yesterday to promote their new series.

Jay Hutton and Paisley Billings appeared on the show when they managed to get out of the Loose Women what tattoo’s they have.

Jane Moore admitted that she has a bluebird on her derriere, but it had stretched out so far you can’t tell it is a bird anymore lol.

Andrea McLean showed off her tattoo on her wrist of Sanskrit what tells her to breath and keep calm.

We bet if Janet Street Porter would have been on the show she would have had a tat in a rude place lo.