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Jeremy McConnell Admits If He Is The Father Of Stephanie Davis Baby He Will Be The Best Father


He’s always denied that he is the father but now Jeremy McConnell has admitted that if he is the father of Stephanie Davis baby who she says is he will be the “best dad”.

Stephanie has always said that Jeremy is the father but he has denied it but it seems that with the birth just around the corner he might be about to pull his finger out.

Jeremy spoke to the Daily Star just after she annouced that she was expecting and he claimed that she had been sleeping with other men saying that one of them was the father and not him.

McConnell has now gave his side to the story and said:

‘I was in a position where we broke up for a period of time. I found out she was pregnant, but in the meantime I knew she was with other people.’
‘I can’t do anything while the baby’s in there. When it comes out I would step up to the plate.All I want is clarification. If I find out it’s mine I’ll be the best dad.’

Jeremy then hit out at people accusing him of not being there for his ex while she had struggled with pregnancy.

‘This is why I don’t understand people having a go at me. They think I won’t be there for the baby, which is not the case,’

We just hope that he will step up and if he is the father support his former girlfriend.

Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Are In For A Steamy, Sexy Evening!

Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Are In For A Steamy, Sexy Evening!

   As we told you earlier this evening, Jeremy McConnel confirmed on Teitter that him and Stephanie Davis are now in a relationship well not they are about to take their relationship to the next level. Jeremy tweeted a photo of their hotel room and how he decorated the bed with rose petals. Jezza’s sweet message came shortly after revealing Steph would be wearing red knickers for their night…

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Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Are Now A Couple!!

Jeremy McConnell And Stephanie Davis Are Now A Couple!!

    It’s Official!! Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis are now in a relationship!! Jeremy has just broke the news on his Twitter page by sharing a cute photo of him and Stephanie kissing and said along with the photo {above}: Drinking guiness with my girlfriend @Stephdavis77 Stephanie annouced on Loose Women that she was seeing Jeremy tonight and that he was flying over from Dublin just to see…

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