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Jeremy McConnell Gets New Tattoo Of Nun Snorting White Powder

Jeremy McConnell has shared a photo of his new tattoo and we have to say it’s controversial.

The tattooed model has a new tattoo of a nun snorting a white powder and he’s had it as a cover up on his leg.

Along with the photo Jeremy said:

“Sister white,”

Jeremy had a skull tattoo on his leg but decided that he no longer wanted it so he decided to cover it up with the new inking.

Have a look at the tattoo below.

Is Stephanie Davis Dating This Famous Face?

Is Stephanie Davis Dating This Famous Face?

Is Stephanie Davis dating Ricky Rayment is the question what we all want to know?

It was back in September when Stephanie and Ricky exchanged some flirty tweets between one and other on their public profiles but now sources have said that it’s a bit of flirty fun and nothing serious.

The source said to the Mirror Online:

“The online flirting with Ricky was purely for a reaction but he made it clear that is was just a bit of harmless fun. He didn’t want to get caught up in anything serious,”

“They’re well suited. They’re similar people so I wish them all the luck in the world,”

We think that they would make a good couple but with all what has gone on between her and Jeremy McConnell we think that she needs to take a break from relationships.

Jeremy McConnell’s new Relationship Is ‘Killing’ Ex Stephanie Davis

As we told you earlier that Jeremy McConnell is now in a new relationship and has moved on from his on/off ex Stephanie Davis.

Now it’s been said by sources that Stephanie is not happy about him moving on and it is “killing” her.

Jeremy’s new relationship was rumored over the last few weeks but it seems that photo what he shared on his instagram page on Tuesday night was the final nail in the coffin confirming it and hurting Stephanie in the process.

A source has said to the Mirror:

‘Stephanie was just about holding it together until this photo confirmed he’s moving on.

‘It was all fun and games when she was toying with the fact she might be seeing someone when she isn’t. So for Jez to have moved on first is absolutely killing her.’

At the end of the day she has to let him move on!

She just cant keep hold of him for the rest of their lives.

Jeremy McConnell Confirms Relationship With Brunette

Jeremy McConnell has confirmed that she is “so happy” in a new relationship.

The tattooed model shared a photo to his Instagram page where he posed alongside the unknown brunette as she planted a kiss on his cheek.

Over the last year and half things have been tough for Jeremy with his on/off relationship with Stephanie Davis, millions of headlines, becoming a dad and when he was accused of beating Stephanie after them photos were published of them both covered in blood and bruises.

It’s not been said how long the pair have been dating but we wonder just how Stephanie feels about this.

Glad to see that he has moved on.

Katie Price Counsels Stephanie Davis At Her Home

It seems Katie Price just wants to help.

Price has been counseling Stephanie Davis at Price Farm (Katie’s home) after she has been in two years worth of drama with her ex Jeremy McConnell.

Sources have said that Katie has told Stephanie to say out of the media and to focus on her baby so from now on.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘Katie really sympathises with Stephanie and wanted to reach out to offer her some advice.

‘She gave Stephanie some words of wisdom after inviting her to her home, telling her to take a break from the spotlight and concentrate on spending time with her son.

 The source then continued to say:

‘Stephanie really respects Katie and has listened to her – she has been in the business for years and is a mother herself so knows what she is talking about.’

Kate has gave some good advice.

She does need to stay out of the public eye for the time being and concentrate o her life and her baby then maybe return to work in the future.

Stephanie Davis Claims Jeremy McConnell Is A ‘Drug Addict’ And Gave Her ‘Chlamydia’

Wo it’s really kicking off between them again.

Stephanie Davis has claimed that Jeremy McConnell is a ‘drug addict’ and has given her ‘Chlamydia’.

The pair who have never been shy out of the public interest have had a massive spat as Stephanie has hit out at the Irish model accusing him of lots of things as this comes after photos appeared in the media of Jeremy with black and blue eyes and Stephanie being arrested for assault a number of weeks back.

Stephanie has been keeping her private life private speaking to the Mirror and revealing all what has been going in her turbulent relationship as she confessed that Jeremy suffered from cocaine-induced paranoia, gave her chlamydia and threatened suicide during one of their many fall-outs.

The Mail Online contacted Jeremy’s rep and the replied back saying:

‘Jeremy has been quite open and honest with the fact that he relapsed and Steph has no right to discuss his illness.’

We will keep you posted on the going on’s in this story over the coming days.

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