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BREAKING NEWS Jeremy McConnell Jailed For Skipping Cominuity Service

News has just been Announced that Jeremy McConnell has been jailed for skipping his community service.

Jeremy missed the community service after he was away in Turkey having a hair and beard transplant

It was back in August when Jeremy was ordered by Liverpool Magistrates Court to take part in 200 hours of community service but due to the cosmetic procedure what he was having done he pulled out.

Jeremy was in court on Thursday morning and he

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Stephanie Davis Announces She’s Returning To TV Nearly TWO YEARS After Last Celebrity Big Brother Appearance

The last two years have been a rollercoaster for Stephanie Davis but now she has annouced that she is going to be returning to TV after along time off our screens.

David’s took to her Twitter account where hse annouced that she is filming as she tweeted:

 “Looking forward to getting back to work💪🏼 Been a long break. Time to get back to what I’m good at! Filming friday 🎥👀.”

The last time Stephanie was on our TV screens

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Jeremy McConnell Deletes All Instagram Posts Including Photo’s Of His Son

Jeremy McConnell has completely whipped his Instagram account clean including snaps he had of himself and his son.

Jeremy who has hit the headlines lately after videos have been shared online of him talking about ‘white powder’.

McConnell then took to his Twitter account and explained why he whipped his account as he said that it was because there was so much ‘negativity’ in the comments section on his snaps.

He tweeted:


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Jeremy McConnell Jokes About Having ‘Coke In His Villa’ Risking 24 Years In Turkish Prison

He’s currently away on holiday but it seems things may have turned serious for Jeremy McConnell has he has joked about having ‘coke in the villa’ while away in Turkey.

Turkish law says that cocaine is strictly not allowed and if someone has it they could face up to 24 years in prison.

In a video what has been published by The Sun Jeremy was filmed boasting about the white powder despide the risk that he could face 24 years

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Jeremy McConnell Parties With Suspicious White Powder Around Him In Hotel Room

Jeremy McConnell Parties With Suspicious White Powder Around Him In Hotel Room

What is the powder Jeremy McConnell.

Jerry has been filmed on Snapchat in a hotel room with suspicious white powder on  the table in the hotel while he’s on a wild night out with his friends.

The video where shared to the Daily Mirror and he can be heard  laughing as an unknown pal waved train tickets in his face – while four lines of suspicious white powder sat on a table in front of them.

There is nothing that says Jeremy had anything

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