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Jeremy McConnell To Strip Completely Naked On Channel 4’s Naked Attraction

He’s never out of the headlines but now it seems Jeremy McConnell is going to be causing more tabloids as he is going to be appearing on Naked Attraction.

It’s been said that Jeremy will strip of completely naked and appear on the show according to The Sun.

A source has said:

‘Jeremy has hit rock bottom and thinks that doing this show for a good cause could help him turn his public profile around, even if it does mean getting naked.

‘He’s not ashamed of his tackle. The celebrity one-off show would be a ratings hit, with massive viewing figures.

Sources have said that other celebrities to appear on the show are Joey Essex, Lauren Pope and more.

Jeremy McConnell Breaks Down In Tears On Jeremy Kyle And Insists A ‘Good Father’

Jeremy McConnell Breaks Down In Tears On Jeremy Kyle And Insists A ‘Good Father’

He’s caused headlines every single day when Jeremy McConnell become a father with his Celebrity Big Brother love interest Stephanie Davies but now Jeremy has appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to talk about his life.

Jeremy opened up on the Celebrity special of the show and confessed that he believes that his is a ‘good father’ to his son despite not seeing him for eight months now,

Kylie asked McConnell:

“You haven’t seen your son for eight months, how can you be described as a good father?”

Jeremy then said back:

“When you look at the way it’s happened, me and Steph were living together when this incident happened.

“I went to court; the restraining order was put in place. I can go through the correct channels to see my son.”

Jeremy also got banned from entering the road Stephanie lives down in August of last year after he was accused of attacking her as judge Wendy Lloyd said:

“Steph had a number of injuries that were entirely consistent with her evidence including a large bite mark to her arm.

“I find you have displayed no remorse, not even for the effect of this episode on your young baby.”

Continuing to talk about missing his son, Jermy said:

 “Of course I miss him. I love him to bits.”

“It’s sad.

“Because look at him, like. That’s the link to my mum and dad. My mum and dad passed away and that’s my little boy.

“I never wanted a broken relationship with Steph. I had my part to play in the relationship, that was bad, but I’m not a bad person, do you know what I mean?”

So sad.

Jeremy McConnell Has Nose Job To Repair Nose After Drug Taking!

Jeremy McConnell has been forced to have a nose job just like Danella Westbrook had to reapir the broken cartalidge in his nose as it has diapperaed after drug takng.

Jerremy took a photo of himself with the bandages all over his nose after the operation as a source has said to the Mirror:

 “It was due to years of abuse of alcohol and other substances. It’s to repair his septum.

“He really is the male version of Danniella Westbrook .”

Not good at all.

Jeremy McConnell Smeared Friends Home With His Own Poo


It’s been reported that Jeremy McConnell smeared a friends £250,00 home in poo after he was apparently ‘high on cocain’.

The Mirror have said that he was drug-filled when he went on the rampage when he smeared his own feces around the pad as sources have said:

“After he was sent down his solicitor called one of them and asked them to box up his things from their flat. When they walked in they were shocked and disgusted.

“Jeremy had s**t everywhere – the bed, there was excrement on the walls and the sinks were clogged with sick with wine bottles everywhere – a fine way to pay back your only mates.

“One of the rooms cost £450 to clean – it was disgusting and it stank. God knows what happened inside those four walls but it doesn’t bear thinking about. Neighbours said it was a bender from Saturday to Thursday.There was no respect there.”

It’s also been said that Jeremy spent a whopping £10,000 on cocain.

BREAKING NEWS Jeremy McConnell Jailed For Skipping Cominuity Service

News has just been Announced that Jeremy McConnell has been jailed for skipping his community service.

Jeremy missed the community service after he was away in Turkey having a hair and beard transplant

It was back in August when Jeremy was ordered by Liverpool Magistrates Court to take part in 200 hours of community service but due to the cosmetic procedure what he was having done he pulled out.

Jeremy was in court on Thursday morning and he knew that they was a big change that he was going to jail as he shared a photo to his instagram account telling his followers to ‘have a good christmas as he shared:

“If I don’t see yas, have a great Christmas”.

Jeremy has been jailed for 18 weeks due to an attack what happened earlier on in this year.

Stephanie Davis Announces She’s Returning To TV Nearly TWO YEARS After Last Celebrity Big Brother Appearance

The last two years have been a rollercoaster for Stephanie Davis but now she has annouced that she is going to be returning to TV after along time off our screens.

David’s took to her Twitter account where hse annouced that she is filming as she tweeted:

 “Looking forward to getting back to work💪🏼 Been a long break. Time to get back to what I’m good at! Filming friday 🎥👀.”

The last time Stephanie was on our TV screens was when she was in Celebrity Big Brother nearly two years ago and her life has changed alot since then with the birth of her baby and the failed relationship with Jeremy McConnell.

We are so hoping for a reality show.