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Danniella Westbrook Forced To Get A Job Whitening Teeth As She Is Announced Homeless

Danniella Westbrook Announces She's Using Cocaine Again Just Hours After Announcing Boyfriend Had Been Cheating On Her!

It was annouced last week that Danniella Westbrook was homeless and lost her car too but now we have learnt that she now has a job whitening teeth.

Westbrook has said that she had been left “homeless” after being “unable to keep up with payments due to ill health” that saw her having all her teeth removed.

To pay off her bills she has been accepted to work for a teeth whitening company and she broke the news on her Instagram page as she shared:

Make your mates WELL JEL this Christmas Book now.Spaces limited but available for @essexsmiles here in Liverpool @lipcoutureltd all teeth whitening done by me. call us & treat yourself get the Hollywood smile. Men welcome too

This comes after she has suffered so many battles in her life but we thought that she had turned that ll around when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year.

Scarlett Moffatt Admits She Watched A Couple Have Sex In Magaluf

Scarlett Moffatt Admits She Watched A Couple Have Sex In Magaluf

Scarlett Moffatt has admitted that while hs was on holiday in Magaluf she watched a couple have sex in front of them during a night out on the strip in the party destination.

Talking about working in spain during the summer at a party resort, the Queen of the Jungle admitted she’d seen enough sights to make most people want to swill out their brain with bleach.

Talking to the Daily Star she said:

“If you think sucking off 24 men in one go is bad, you won’t believe the things I’ve seen,”

“Once I watched a random guy bend a girl over at one of the infamous foam parties. From there it turned into soft porn and she never once turned around to even see what the guy’s face looked like.”

Scarlett was just paid £50 a night  to pour drinks down party gowers throats.

Ricky Wilson Wants To Host Top Gear With Lorraine Kelly!


What a pair.

Today Ricky Wilson appeared on ITV’s Lorraine where he talked about Top Gear and admitted that he would like to host the show with Lorraine Kelly.

With Chris Evans leaving the show there is a hosting job going along side Matt LeBlanc but it seems they might have two new hosts.

Chatting to Lorraine on Thursday morning the Kaiser Chiefs star said:

“You do the automatics and I’ll do the manuals.”

Haha we could just see these two on the show.

It would be nice to have a woman as a host on the such male show.

Ayda Field Admits She Gave Up US TV Show To Be With Robbie Williams


Ayda Field has admitted that she put her career on hold to be with her husband Robbie Williams.

Talking during a Robbie Loose Women special on Monday the wife to the pop star said that she turned down a major TV show in the US to move to England and mary Williams.

Talking on the show she said:

‘I was in love with Rob from the minute we got together,’ she said. ‘But I think it was any other person, I would have run away but…

‘I gave up my career for a really long time. When we moved to England, I got offered a really big show and he begged me not to take it.’

She continued to say:

‘And she’s never let me forget it,’ he joked, going on to explain: ‘I’m making you do this because it was the only way it was going to work.

‘I’m completely in love with my wife,’ he said. ‘But more importantly I never stop liking her.’

It shows what some people do for love.

They make such a good couple so really it was all worth it.


Marnie Simpson Lands New TV Presenting Role

Marnie Simpson Lands New TV Presenting Role

And it’s gone…

Marnie Simpson has shared her delight on Twitter this afternoon admitting that she ‘got the job’ them moments later decided to delete the tweet.

Sources have been saying that Marnie applied for a TV presenting job but it’s unclear what TV show it was and apparently according to her tweet she got the job.

Taking to her Twitter account she tweeted:


Marnie Simpson Lands New TV Presenting Role

Source have said that they have contacted Marnie’s rep for a comment but they have refused to speak because it’s all top secret.

We wonder what she’s about to be doing??

We will keep you posted when we know any more.

Lauren Pope Talks About The Time A Naked Man Tried To Kill Her In A Jobcenter


She has some very tough storylines on Towie but now Lauren Pope has decided to talk about a horrible moment in her life.

Lauren has spoken about a time when she was struggling for money so she was forced to get a job in the jobcenter.

Lauren said:

“When I first came to London aged 19 and worked in a Jobcentre.

“I shared a room with a friend in a flat in Forest Hill, southeast London, for about a year – I was hard up but we had such a good time.”

Lauren then opened up about a time a naked man tried to kill her because he thought she was too blame for him not getting the job.

She continued to say:

“I worked in the Jobcentre until, one day, I helped a guy fill out a form to apply for a job. He couldn’t read or write, really needed help, and didn’t get the job.

“He thought it was my fault and came in, stripped naked, screaming ‘I’m going to kill her’.” ‘He’s The One!’

Scary stuff!

Now Lauren has a successful hair extensions business so no more working in the jobcenter.