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Britain’s Got Talent Viewers Left Feurious Over ITV Hub Error As It Shows Judge Rinder Instead Of Talent Show

Britain's Got Talent Viewers Left Feurious Over ITV Hub Error As It Shows Judge Rinder Instead Of Talent Show

Viewers on the ITV Hub have been left furious after they decided to catch up on Britain’s Got Talent but it kept on showing Judge Rinder and Dickinson’s Real Deal instead of the semi-finals of the talent show.

The glitch kept on happening and the viewers were left furious and took to Twitter to air their frustration.

One person tweeted:

‘Why is judge Rinder on @ITV and not #bgt???’; ‘#BGT as much as judge Rinder is doing a good service, I am expecting to be watching Britain’s got talent, sort it out @ITV

ITV have now tweeted to say that they have sorted the problem out as they shared:

‘We are aware of problems with live telly streaming on @nowtvhelp and some Android devices – thanks for your tweets. We’re working on a fix ASAP and will give you all a shout when we’re back on track’.


Judge Rinder ‘SPLITS’ From Husband Seth Cummings After Being Married For Four Years

Judge Rinder 'SPLITS' From Husband Seth Cummings After Beign Married For Four Years

It’s been reported that Judge Rinder who’s real name is Robert Rinder has split from his husband  Seth Cummings after being married four four years.

Rumors started on Wednesday morning that his marriage was over and it’s been said that he is ‘very upset’ about the amicable split and has been said that no third parties are believed to be involved.

The pair married in 2013 in Ibiza and they were married by their friend Benedict Cumberbatch.

A source has said to The Sun:

‘It’s very sad news but Rob is separating from his partner of 11-and-a-half-years. He’s very upset about the situation, but the split is amicable and no one else is involved.

‘Rob has never spoken about his relationship and nothing will change on that front. He very much wants to focus on his work, including Judge Rinder on ITV which he absolutely adores.’

So sad!

Nadia Sawalha Finally Announces Why She Has Been Wearing The Same Outfit On Loose Women Everyday!

Nadia Sawalha Finally Announces Why She Has Been Wearing The Same Outfit On Loose Women Everyday!

If you’re a regular viewer to Loose Women you would have noticed something very strange over the last few weeks.

Since the start of this year Nadia Sawalha has been wearing the same outfit on the ITV show every single day and it has been driving the viewers mad and has even made the press week after week.

Last week Nadia annouced that she will tell everyone this week why she has been wearing the top and today was the day for her to tell the world.

Nadia annouced that she has been wearing the same outfit all thank’s to Judge Rinder after he appeared on the show a few weeks back.

He said that every TV interview that he does he always wears the same outfit so the same shirt, jacket and trousers and no one has ever noticed so she wanted to give it ago and see how long it would take for the viewers to notice.

No one noticed what Judge Rinder has been doing to Nadia was hoping to continue with the outfit things but it seems all the attention cut her short.

Talking on the lunchtime show today she said:

“Judge Rinder was telling me he’s worn exactly the same outfit for every interview and nobody’s noticed and I said that wouldn’t happen here, we always have people notice or we say something, so thought let’s just see, let’s just wear it and do a little experiment.

“Some people have been really angry about it, and it’s been so sweet because so many of my lovely squad on twitter have been getting into arguments for me.

“I’ve been heralded as a sustainability goddess!”

She continued to say:

“Some of them really got cross and all the guessing has been hilarious, someone DM’d (direct messaged) me on Friday and asked if I was expecting.

“I thought oh no now I’m pregnant this has got to stop!

To be completely honest it was only due to social media that we noticed that she was wearing the same outfit.

It’s unbelievable that some people where actually getting cross because of it.

Strictly Come Dancing Viewers Slamm Peter Kay For “Homophobic” Slur Towards Judge Rinder


Strictly Come Dancing viewers have been left outraged tonight after Peter Kay was appearing on the show tonight and he decided to make a homophobic joke.

Peter appeared on the show along side Judge Rinder who is openly gay and show host Claudia Winkleman when he made the joke.

Kay said:

“Let me say hello to this fellow – he’s brilliant!”

Judge Rinder then smiled and got closer to Peter to try and give him a cuddle but he then replied:


“Steady. Watch it me lad. Watch it.”

“This case is firmly closed.”

Twitter went into overdrive after what he said as one person tweeted:

“Is Peter Kay allowed to get away with homophobia just because he’s Peter Kay?”

Another said:

Peter Kay just appeared on my television & did a homophobic joke.”

It was a very weird thing to say but he really need to think before he speaks.

Judge Rinder Announces The Real Reason behind The Strictly Come Dancing Curse!

Judge Rinder Announces The Real Reason behind The Strictly Come Dancing Curse!

When Celebrities appear on Strictly Come Dancing it’s always better that they are not in a relationship or married because chances are they wont be with their partners long.

Now Judge Rinder has said why he feels the Strictly curse hits on couples.

Talking to The Sun the TV judge said:

“People talk about the curse and how it comes from being so physically close, but I don’t think it’s that,”

It’s about how the best teachers have an ability to read your mind, and give you the impression that they completely understand you. That is such an intimate thing that you can see how relationships do develop.”

Rinder then joked about his situation with his dance partner Oksana Platero:

“There is no chance of that [the curse] happening with us though. It would have to be a nuclear- powered Strictly curse,”

Ahh we see so it’s all about your dance partner reading your mind.

So does that mean that they know what you like in the bedroom and that’s why it ends up in an affair??

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