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EastEnders’ June Brown Talks About ‘Getting High’ On Marijuana On 100 Years Younger

June Brown is no stranger to smoking cigarettes but now the actress has admitted that she has taken marijuana and confessed that it helped her with lots of medical problems.

June who plays Dot Cotton on the long running soap confessed that she had smoken the drug to Shaun Ryder on 100 Years Younger.

She said:

“I tried marijuana,””It had the most incredible effect on me. I didn’t like the sound of Indian music, that jingle jangle.

“But I could hear every note of every instrument. And I felt incredibly serene. Never got addicted to it, though. The only thing I’m addicted to is cigarettes.”

Viewers loved tonights episode and just couldnt beleive that Dot Cotton had been smoking weed.

EastEnders’ June Brown And Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin Cover Their Faces In Urine

The things same people would do to look younger.

Eastenders’ actress June Brown and Gogglebox Sandra Martin have covered their faces in their own urine on new ITV show 100 Years Younger in 21 Days.

The pair who have already had snails crawl all over their faces decided to put the urine onto their faces as they peed into funnels and then poured the wee onto their faces and left it on for 10 minutes.

Viewers watching at home just couldn’t believe what they were seeing and we have to say nether would we.

Would you use Urine on your face to look younger?

Eastenders Actress June Brown Annouces She’s Is Going Deaf And Blind

Eastenders Actress June Brown Annouces She’s Is Going Deaf And Blind

Eastender’s legend June Brown who plays Dot Cotton has annouced that she is going blind and death. June who’s been in the show since it started over 50 years ago has never bee shy about getting old and talking about her problems but sadly she’s getting worse. Talking during a Q&A with her former co-star Barbara Windsor on Saturday June was strugerling to hear what Barbara was saying despite…

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