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Kate Garraway Admits She’s Trying To Contact Her Family In New Zealand After Mosque Attacks

Kate Garraway has admitted on Good Morning Britain on Friday morning that she is trying ot contact her family members who live in New Zealand after the mosque terror attacks.

Kate said that she hasn’t had a reply from her family as of yet but she was going to keep trying to get in contact with her family who live in Christchurch where the terror attacks happened Thursday night.

Presenting alongside Charlotte Hawkins, Kate said:

‘It’s utterly cowardly but it points to a horrific bravado that they would do that and I think it is just disgusting. Everyone is shocked and the people of Christchurch are.

‘I’m sure many of you at home will have relatives in New Zealand and it will be very alarming for you. Friends there.’I’ve got relatives and friends in Auckland and Christchurch myself that I’m trying to get in touch with.

‘So we will definitely make sure that we keep you posted on everything that is happening there.’

Let’s hope she hears from her family soon.

Good Morning Britain Viewers Ask If Kate Garraway Has Had A Boob Job

Viewers to Good Morning Britain have been asking if Kate Garraway has gone under the knife and had a boob job.

The presenter was presenting the show from the London studios when fans started tweeting asking if she had gone under the knife as her boobs looked bigger than usual.

One person tweeted:

“kate garraway has grown some serioussssssss boobs overnight  #GMB”

Kate posed before the show in her £12.99 Zara dress and we have to say she looked fantastic.

Loose Women Studio Lights Go Out During Live Broadcast

During the live broadcast of Loose Women on Thursday afternoon all the lights went down in the studio.

The presenters including Kate Garraway, Stacey Solomon, Ayda Fielding and Jane Moore seemed shocked when the lights went out as Kate shouted out that someone needed to put money in the meter.

The audience cheered when the lights came back on and the show went back to normal.

The love of live tv lol.

Charlotte Hawkins Cries on Good Morning Britain Over New John Lewis TV Advert

It’s nice but it’s not that nice.

A hungover Charlotte Hawkins has cried her heart out on Good Morning Britain on Friday morning all over the new John Lewis Christmas advert.

They played the new add on the morning show causing Charlotte to have tears running down her cheek in a funny moment of the show.

Other presenters including Richard Arnold, Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard just looked at her in shock at her tears.

After the add went off Charlotte said:

 “Christmas adverts always get me. Sorry, just move on it’s fine.

Bless her so funny.

Good Morning Britain Producer Forced To Crawl Along Floor To Get Luxury Hamper

The glamour of live TV.

On Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning a producer was forced to crawl along the floor under the camera to retrieve a luxury advent calendar from the studio to take it to its correct place.

Noting what was happening after reading her line Kate Garraway showed:

“She’s nicking the advent calendar, Alex that’s appalling, that’s appalling,”

Her co-presenter Ben Shephard just couldn’t stopped laughing after he noticed her under the camera.

Kate Garraway Surprises GMB Viewers As She Dresses In Geri Horner’s Union Jack Dress

Kate Garraway Surprises GMB Viewers As She Dresses In eri Horner's Union Jack Dress

You go girl.

Kate Garraway has sent Good Morning Britain viewers crazy after she was dressed in Geri Horner’s Union Jack Dress from the Spice Girls days.

The presenter was wearing the dress after she was interviewing Geri about her new George Michael tribute single Angel In Chains.

Kate, 50 surprised the singer as she was in that famous 1997 BRIT Awards dress and we have to say she looked simply fab in it.

Putting her arm around Kate, Geri said:

“Wow you’ve got it,” “I think you look lovely.”

Then the pre-recorded interview went off and Kate said in the studio:

“We were both supposed to be wearing the dress, but Geri said no and left me hanging.”

Such a funny moment and she just looks fab int hat dress