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Massive Row Kicks Off On Loose Women As Jane Moore Calls Kaye Adam’s ‘Stupid’ Over Obese Kids!

It all kicked off on Loose Women on Friday afternoon as Jane Moore kicked off at fellow Loose Women panelist Kaye Adams forcing host Andrea McLean to step in and split them up.

It was during a conversation about obese kids when Jane called Kaye ‘stupid’ over her comments.

Throughout the whole show there was a frosty tension between all the women and it seem to be awkward viewing.

Kaye started off by saying:

“I don’t think it’s helpful to blame parents, as a parent myself I do find it difficult.

“We are surrounded with unhealthy options, rubbish food is cheaper.

Jane then said back:

“I get all that, but a four-year-old severely obese, you’re taking away people’s responsibility.

“If you have an obese four-year-old it’s because you as a parent have fed them rubbish.

“You can’t say it’s not my fault, I don’t understand about junk food.”

Kaye then hit back with:

“That’s so unfair Jane, we have fetished food, a lot of people don’t live in beautiful kitchens, they work shifts.”

The pair gave little digs at one and other thought the programme and it didn’t go unnoticed by the viewing public.

Viewers took to social media after it all kicked off as one person said:

And another:

More news to come.

Stacey Solomon And Denise Van Outen Rub Urine Into Their Faces For New Beauty Trend

Just a tad bit weird.

Stacey Solomon, Denise Van Outen and Kaye Adams have shocked viewers to Loose Women as they rubbed urine into their faces as a part of a new beauty trend.

This comes after t was reported that a pensioner’s claims her young appearance was all down to having wee baths on a daily basis so the girls decided to try putting it on their faces.

Kaye confessed that it felt ‘nice’ on her skin as she said:

‘I can’t exactly say it’s knocked years off me, but it felt quite nice on my skin.’

Viewers where left shocked with their facials.

Piers Morgan Teases The Loose Women As They Twerk In His Honor

Piers Morgan Teases The Loose Women As They Twerk In His Honor

He jokingly threw up live on Good Morning Britain when they showed a clip of Madonna twerking during her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden but today the Loose Women have decided to get their own back on Piers Morgan by twerking on the show in his honor.

The girls including Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha, Ayda Field and Kaye Adams stood up and shake their bootys to the camera all in honor of Piers and watching the show he decided to send in a video of what he thought of their twerking.

In the video aired on the show he said:

‘The most important thing you can do is maintain your dignity.’

‘Even Kim Kardashian said when you reach 35 you shouldn’t twerk anywhere but the bedroom,’ he announced, ending with his plea to ‘keep it classy’.

Watching Piers videos Ayda shouted out:

‘Twerk until death!’

Nadia added:

‘I’m never going to stop dancing!’

Bless them we bet Piers will have that clip saved on his phone for life.

Rick Astley Calls Loose Women BBC’s The One Show During His Appearance


So embarrassing!

Rick Astley has suffered a little blunder on Loose Women when he called the show The One Show during his interview.

The Eighties pop star was on the chat show friday afternoon when he mistakenly forgot what show he was on after thanking The One Show for helping his album get to number one on the music charts.

While talking to Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha, Kaye Adams and Saira Khan, Rick said of his big comeback:

“If you want a number one album come on The One Show.”

Such a funny moment/

Bless him.

Gino D’Acampo Has The Loose Women In Fits Of Giggles After Sexual Innuendos

Gino D'Acampo Has The Loose Women In Fits Of Giggles After Sexual Innuendos

He’s the cheeky chef but today on Loose Women he had the girls in fits of giggles.

Gino D’Acampo appeared on the show and gave out sexual innuendoes while chatting to Stacey Solomon, Kaye Adams and Anne Diamond.

Gino made the girls blush after he said to Stacy that he wanted to ‘take her up the canal’, and he’s thinking about going to Dagenham.

Gino then admitted that when he’s on tour he “unleashes himself” as he continued:

‘When I’m on tour I do everything I shouldn’t do.’

He really did make them blush on the show today.

Loose Women Presenter Andrea McLean Storms Off After Kaye Adams Prank

Loose Women Presenter Andrea McLean Storms Off After Kaye Adams Prank

Bless Her

Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean had a shock today after her fellow panelist Kaye Adams pulled out a large remote spider.

Andrea is seriously arachnophobic and the show has decided to try and get her help for her fear but to show just how bad she was on the show they got toy spider out and placed it on the desk.

Andrea ran off the set and into the audience even though she knew it was just a toy.

Pearing out of the corner of her eye Andrea shouted:

“No, no, no, no, please. Please don’t be what I think it is.”

Andrea refused to return to her chair for the end of the show, leaving it up to Kaye to step in.

We really hope that the show get her help to get over hear fear and you never know we might see her back on the show holding a spider in the near future.