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Kelly Brook Is Mocked By This Morning Viewers After Presenting Garderning Segment On ITV Show

Kelly Brook has been mocked online after she presented a graderning segment on This Morning on Monday morning.

The busty model was on the show alongside Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford presenting from the southbank studio when she was mocked on social media.

Despite the item being about gardening Kelly failed to mention anything about gardening.

One person shared:

‘Kelly Brook has shown us a table and chair, a shelving unit and a bird house? What are we actually learning?’

‘Thought she was going to talk about plants. Didn’t need her explaining how a table and chair brightens up your garden.’

One other viewer shared:

‘Kelly Brook gardening? What will you have next, Gemma Collins doing a piece on ballet?’

What did you think of her segment today?

Kelly Brook Fears She May Have Left It Too Late To Have Children

Kelly Brook broke down on Loose Women on Monday afternoon as she revealed that she thinks she may have left it too late to have children.

Kelly who suffered a miscarriage at the age of 30 said that she has put her career before having children and now fears thats he wont have any.

Kelly who is in a long term relationship with model Jeremy Parisi, said that she would have done things more differently if she could turn back time.

She said on the ITV show:

“Coming from a working class family, it was very much a case of being independent. Buying my house was the most important thing.

“I spent so much time focused on my career that having a family was so left behind and now I am in my late 30s, I feel like actually I wish I had kind of thought more about

“I feel like now I am kind of up against it.

Shen then continued to say:

“I’ve got money, my own home and I’ve got my independence and all these amazing things, but I don’t have children.”

“I spent so much time on my career. Having a family was so left behind.”


Kelly Brook Admits Her Boobs Weigh ‘A Kilogram Each’ As She Lands New Job As Loose Women Panelist

Kelly Brook Admits Her Boobs Weigh 'A Kilogram Each' As She Lands New Job As Loose Women Panelist

Kelly Brook is known for her assits but on Friday’s Loose Women Kelly  admitted that her boobs weigh a whopping ‘kilogram each’.

Kelly said on the ITV show that she is trying to lose weight to shrink her boobs because she is in ‘so much pain’ that forces her to go to bed a 5PM every day in order to rest her back.

Kelly confessed that she has always been ‘booby’ but now she has grew to a size 34FF cup size.

Kelly said on Friday:

‘It’s about a kilogram each,’ ‘I’ve gone up quite a lot. I was always booby, but I have gone up quite a lot. I think I’ve gone up to a 34FF.’

Doctors have aparently told Brook that she has put ‘lots of weight on’ to her boobs.

She continued to say:

‘I’ve been having lots of back problems recently and I went to the doctor and he said, “I think you might need to lose weight…”

‘I was like, really? He was like, “Yeah you know you’ve put on quite a lot of weight, up here (motions to breasts).”

‘Because that’s where I put it on, on my boobs. So my bras were not supporting me, it’s completely thrown my back out.’

She then continued:

‘So now I’m literally training to try and lose weight off my… so I’m running, but I can’t find sports bras so I’m actually just running holding my breasts to try and keep them in place.

‘But it is helping, he says if I strengthen my core it’s going to support me better. 5pm at night I’m just laid up and I’m in so much pain…

‘People think that, “Oh I want a boob job, I want boobs…” Because I was born with them I don’t know anything different – I would love to not have boobs and just be able to wear lovely little tops and do more sport and not have back problems and not have to worry about them sagging or whatever they’re going to do at some point.


Harvey Weinstein Had An ‘Obsession’ With Kelly Brook

Harvey Weinstein Had An 'Obsession' With Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook was left “repulsed” after she found out that Harvey Weinstein became obsessed with her.

Kelly was given her big break by Weinstein as he casted her in 2010 flick Piranha 3D after she was spotted in a cafe by another producer.

A source has said:

“Harvey was infatuated with Kelly.

“He thought she oozed sex appeal and was keen to give her more work. But Kelly never had any interest. His demeanour simply repulsed her.”

Since all the news came out about Harvey Kelly has said that he is a “beast”.

Kelly Brook Spills Out Of Her Dress During Busty Celebrity Juice Appearance

On Thursday night Kelly Brook was back on Celebrity Juice and it’s clear that she brought the bad boys with her.

The model put on a busty display as she was wearing low cut red dress to the delight of the male viewers watching.

While on the ITV show Kelly played a game what see her put to the test to see how many names she knew what mean breasts.

From ‘bazookas’ to ‘t*ts’ and ‘tartars’ Kelly shouted them out and the more she shouted the more points she got for her team.

Kelly Brook Admits She’s Wants To Marry Beau Jeremy Parisi

It’s true love.

Kelly Brook has confessed that she would ‘marry’ her boyfriend of two years Jeremy Parisi.

Kelly who was appearing on the new series of Celebrity Juice as she confessed that the last two years together has ‘flown by’.

Show host Keith Lemon pointed to Kelly’s engagement finger and she replied:

‘I’d like to get married, yeah.’

They really are such a cute couple.