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Rochelle Humes Talks About Why She Doesn’t Show Her Children’s Faces On Instagram

Rochelle Humes is a regular Instagram user but one thing her followers have noticed is that she never shares photos of her children showing their faces on her account.

The mum of two has been speaking about why she never shares photos of her children’s faces on her account and she has said that she wants her daughters to not be in show-business when they get older.

Humes who has four-year-old Alaia-Mai and one-year-old Valentina said to the Mail Online:

‘For me it’s a very great place, but it’s not something they need to be on.

‘I would like to my kids to come to me, and they might decide they don’t want to do anything with my industry.

‘My daughter is four, she doesn’t even know what my industry is.’

This comes after Rochelle’s friend and TOWIE star Chloe Lewis decided to share a photo of Rochelle’s daughter Valentina in March at her christening.

Rochelle continued:

‘Chloe is a family friend and we’ve been friends for a few years, before she appeared on TOWIE.

‘She posted a picture where the kids were in the background. She was really worried, but I didn’t mind.’

We can see why she doesn’t want her children in the public eye.

Kelly Brook Fears She May Have Left It Too Late To Have Children

Kelly Brook broke down on Loose Women on Monday afternoon as she revealed that she thinks she may have left it too late to have children.

Kelly who suffered a miscarriage at the age of 30 said that she has put her career before having children and now fears thats he wont have any.

Kelly who is in a long term relationship with model Jeremy Parisi, said that she would have done things more differently if she could turn back time.

She said on the ITV show:

“Coming from a working class family, it was very much a case of being independent. Buying my house was the most important thing.

“I spent so much time focused on my career that having a family was so left behind and now I am in my late 30s, I feel like actually I wish I had kind of thought more about

“I feel like now I am kind of up against it.

Shen then continued to say:

“I’ve got money, my own home and I’ve got my independence and all these amazing things, but I don’t have children.”

“I spent so much time on my career. Having a family was so left behind.”


What Is The One Gift That Tamara Ecclestone Cant Buy Daughter This Christmas?

What Is The One Gift That Tamara Ecclestone Cant Buy Daughter This Christmas?

She has a quarter of a billion pounds in her bank so you would have thought that Tamara Ecclestone could buy her daughter anything she wants for Christmass but not this gift.

Tamara’s daughter Sophia has asked for every girls dream a unicorn.

Tamara was talking on ITV’s Lorraine on Wednesday morning when she confirmed what her daughter wants for Chrismas and said that she dosent want a toy unicorn she wants the real thing.

That’s what every little girl wants for Christmas.

Rebekah Vardy Says She Agreed To Do I’m A Celeb After Children Begged Her To

She’s been on/off about entering the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle because the fear of missing her children but now Rebekah Vardy has said that her children talked her into appearing on the ITV show.

Talking baout entering the jungle Vardy the wife footballer Jamie said:

“It’s not the kind of thing you say ‘yes’ to straight away.

“I had to think for a while. I spoke to my kids and my eldest, Meghan, said: ‘OMG mum you have to do it. I love that show and I really want you to do it.

“I will be so proud of you and if you don’t do it, I won’t speak to you again.’

“Then when they found out they could come to Australia with me, they were so excited.”

“After that, I couldn’t really turn around and say ‘no’! Jamie has been really supportive.”

So sweet.

They will love seeing their mummy on TV.

Katie Price Admits Mum’s At School Gate Ignore Her And She’s Not Happy About It

Katie Price has slammed mums at the school gate who are often ‘rude’ and ignore her because she’s famous.

Katie said on Loose Women on Thursday:

‘I think it’s rude, patronising and I’ve done nothing wrong to them and they shoudn’t believe everything they read,’

Other Loose Woman Jane Moore then said that do the other mum’s think that because she’s famous they may be intimidated by her to what Katie replied:

‘No, because I know they talk to the other side.’

‘I’m equally in love with my children as their father and just because I wear pink or dress the same as them, I’m still an individual, I have feelings.’

‘I want to talk to other mums, I want to get to know my kids best friends’ mum. I just think it’s rude. They all stand there nattering away and I’m on my own.’

‘I do want to be bothered, please come and talk to me,”Okay I can’t make cakes, I’m not going to compete with outfit day – I’ve got five children as long as they’re at school – I can’t beat everything other mums do, but don’t judge me.’

Twitter users have said that they felt sorry for Katie and we have to say we did too.

Stacey Solomon Has Already Put Her Christmas Tree Up

Stacey Solomon Has Stopped Saving Her Private Parts Until December!

It may only be the second week in November but already Stacey Solomon has decided to allow her children to put their christmas decorations up.

Stacey was talking on Loose Women on Wednesday afternoon when’s he confessed that her children have been really busy putting the decorations up and he even filmed them and showed the clip on the show.

Solomon said:

“I love Christmas. The adverts are on the TV and [everything is] in the shops – so why shouldn’t I put the tree up…”

“I wasn’t feeling too good so I wasn’t going to argue with them.”

We have to say we agree with Stacey get them up girl.