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Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Brush Gets Mistaken For A Sex Toy In Instagram Snap

Fans have been left shocked when they quickly glanched at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed.

Kim shared a photo of her roses in her bathroom when fans noticed that something what looked like a sex toy was on the side near the roses but thankfully it was a makeup brush.

Almost straight away after sharing the photo comments started on the photo as one person said:

‘D**m. I thought that makeup brush was a mini bullet vibrator, 7 speed.’

We have to say after a quick glance it does look like a sex toy.

Kim Kardashian Cosies Up With The Catch Me Outside Girl As They Enjoy Lunch Together

Kim Kardashian Cosies Up With The Catch Me Outside Girl As They Enjoy Lunch Together

Kim Kardashian has had a cosy lunch with the ‘Cash me outside’ girl aka Danielle Bregoli.

The pair posed for a picture and it was uploaded to Danielle’s Instagram page and they both seemed to have had a good time despite Danielle looking very miserable.

We wonder what they talked about and are they going to be the new BBF’s of Hollywood??

Kim Kardashian Is Slammed Over Her Tribute To The Manchester Terror Attacks

Kim Kardashian Is Slammed Over Her Tribute To The Manchester Terror Attacks

People have gone mad over Kim Kardashian’s tribute to the terror attacks and how she supported her friend Ariana Grande who’s concert was going on when the terrorist attacked the Manchester Arena.

Kim took to her social media accounts to share her support for the fans who where involvoed in the concert and of course Ariana herself.

Kim shared a photo of her, her sister Kendall Jenner and Ariana in a nightclub and people have said that she should not have been sharing photos like this at this sad time.

One of Kim’s Facebook fans commented on the snap and said:

“Ridculous insincere and irrelevant. How is a picture of you in a nightclub (probably made time to make sure you looked nice in it) in any way suitable for the events of today? It is not about one person even if she is a pop star. People have died and are suffering. You never fail to disappoint. Vacuous sole”

While another said:

“There is no point to post a picture of herself with Ariana. She could of just made a status. And yet she still finds a way to include herself. Typical Kim Kardashian.”

What do you think? Was Kim being heartless by sharing this photo on social medai??

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Pink Hair In Tiny Crop Top

She’s no stranger to showing off new looks but over the weekend Kim Kardashian has showed off her new pink hair as she posed in the mirror for her snapchat followers as she showed off her toned tummy.

The 36-year-old showed off the new hair as she was dressed in a crop top and matching underwear.

Kimmy looked amazing with her new hair and we have to say we have massive hair envy at the moment.

Kim Kardashian Has Made ‘$100million Since It Being Released TEN Years Ago’

It’s been ten years since the sex tape of Kim Kardashian and Ray J appeared online but it seems to still be bring in a lot of money.

The video has made a whopping $100 million since it was released in 2007 and been viewed a whopping 210 million views throwing Kim in the public domain.

The site what the naughty video has been shared on has released a statement and said:

‘It is viewed by someone on an average of every 1.5 seconds, with a significant increase in numbers when Kim married Kris Humphries, announced her divorce and with the release of the Paper magazine cover.’

This is just madness that this one video is still earning all that money.

Kendall Jenner Has Been Robbed! Get All The Information HERE!

Kendall Jenner Says What Disney Princess Are Each Of Her Sisters

Last year it was Kim Kardashian this year Kendall Jenner!

Reports have been saying that Kendall has been robbed and had a whopping $200K worth of jewelry stolen from her home.

TMZ have been saying that the supermodel left her Hollywood Hills home on March 15 around 12 p.m. and didn’t return to her residence until about 8 p.m and in just that time she was robbed.

At first when she arrived back home she never noticed that anything had gone on ad was in the house for a number of hours before noticing that the items had gone walkies.

It’s been said that Kendall noticed that the jews where missing around 1AM and that’s when she called the police but at the moment there are not suspects in the case as there was no forced entry.

The police are now trying their hardest to find these awful people and we shall keep you posted on when we know any more in this case.

Thank Goodness she wasnt home when this was going on.

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