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Coleen Nolan Quits Loose Women After Being Branded A ‘Bully’ Over Kim Woodburn Interview

She’s been on Loose Women since day dot of the show but today Coleen Nolan has decided to quit the show for the time being after she was branded a ‘bully’ by the viewers over the interview with Kim Woodburn last week.

Coleen’s management announced today that she has decided to pull out of all of her TV work and her upcoming tour what was set to start in January 2019.

It was only on Monday that Coleen announced that she is going to go on tour solo for the first time but it seems all the drama over the last week has caused her to her to want some time off.

In a statement released by Coleen she said:

“Following the constant online bullying, trolling and misrepresentation of her words and reactions, it is with sad regret that Coleen is taking an immediate hiatus from all her current commitments including Loose Women and postponing her Never Too late solo concert tour.

“Coleen is devastated to let her supporters and fans down, but is currently not strong enough to withstand this constant unfounded online abuse, so she will be taking time out and spending it with her children and family where she feels loved and respected.”


Phillip Schofield Hits Out At Kim Woodburn As He Tells Her To “Shut Her Face”

Kim Woodburn Forced To Shout Over Crying Baby On This Morning During Halloween Segment

They previously haven’t seen eye to eye but it seems like Phillip Schofield stood up to Kim Woodburn on This Morning today.

Kim was on the show presenting the fashion segment for Halloween as she was dressed as Cruella De Vil when a dog came out dressed in a spooky costume for Halloween but the mast was over the dogs eyes.

Philip stood up and moved the mast out of the way of the dogs face forcing Kim to step in a tell him to “stop interfering?”

Phillip then snapped back and said:

“Oh, shut your face!”

On previous shows Phill and Kim have came to blows and haven’t seen eye to eye so it was nice to sort of see them get on together.

Kim Woodburn Forced To Shout Over Crying Baby On This Morning During Halloween Segment

Kim Woodburn Forced To Shout Over Crying Baby On This Morning During Halloween Segment

This Morning was thrown into Chaos on Thursday when Kim Woodburn was presenting a fashion segment.

Kim was talking about all the latest Halloween outside on the high street when a baby decided to cry though most of the segment.

Kim who was dressed as Cruella de Vil well and truly got into the part of playing the Disney villain.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby just sat back and watched the segment fall apart live on air as Holly looked like she may have needed a lay down just before they headed to the add break.

such a funny segment.

Kim Woodburn Urges Big Brother’s Lotan Carter To “Masterbate” While In The House

Kim Woodburn Urges Big Brother's Lotan Carter To "Masterbate" While In The House

Trust Kim Woodburn to state the facts and to tell it how it is.

In the Big Brother house tensions are rising and have been since the series started but now Kim has been on Bit On The Side via video giving some of the housemates advice.

Kim told house hunk Lotan Carter to “masterbate” as he was on last nights episode talking about his “morning glory”

Kim said in the video:

“Sex in the house… we’re all human beings. The urge gets to you. You get randy. For god sake go and masturbate. Have some pride.”

Trust Kim to tell it how it is.

Kim Woodburn Hits Out At Young Man Calling Him A “Fat F***” In Online Video WATCH HERE

Kim Woodburn Hits Out At Young Man Calling Him A "Fat F***" In Online Video

She caused outrage in the Celebrity Big Brother house and blames it on being inside that house but now Kim Woodburn has proved that she actually is like that in real life as a video has surfaced online.

in the video Kim is sitting with a group of youngsters having a drink in a bar when she can be heard calling one of the youngsters a “fat f****’.

 The video as filmed on Sunday and you can clearly hear that other people who where sitting around with Kim where trying to defend the poor man but by the looks of things Kim wasn’t having any of it.

Matty Aubrey Caplin and his female friends where chatting to Woodburn  before things turned sour and she called him a “fat young man”.

 The video was shared on Facebook and has gone viral in just the few hours since it was shared.

 In the video she said:

“Stop it all of you and stop being phonies. I said in the Big Brother house I do not want the trouble life’s too damn short.

“If you want to start being smart with me I’ll be smart with you. Don’t do it if you can’t take it. Don’t start being smart with me.

“Because if you can’t take it… you tell me the truth, I’m an old broad, you’re a fat young man.”

Goodness she is just awful.

Kim Woodburn Swears On Loose Women And Refuses To Apologise!

Kim Woodburn Swears On Loose Women And Refuses To Apologise!

She’s far from done with Celebrity Big Brother.

Today as we have been telling you Kim Woodburn appeared on Loose Women to talk about her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house and in typical Kim fashion she had nothing nice to say about her other housemates and she even popped out a swear word.

Talking to Andrea McLean, Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Janet Street-Porter Kim called her fellow housemates “b*****ds!”

Linda asked Kim why her nice side didn’t come out in the house and she said:

“Because they were all b*****ds!”

Andrea then stepped in and said:

“We apologise for the language there.”

To what Kim replied:

“No, it’s not that rude.”

Then the conversation turned to Coleen Nolan and that’s when Kim decided to call her a “two-faced maggot”!