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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back Together As They Step Out For First Time


It’s looking like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together as the pair have been spotted out and about in america for the first time in years.

The pair who split in 2015 have been spotted together again after rumors where flying around saying that they where ‘just hanging out’ with ‘mutual friends’ but this time there was no mutual friends around and it was just them two.

They both looked really happy to be together and at one point it looked like they where going to go in for a cheeky kiss.

They really did look very much in love as they both took off on bikes and rode around LA.

Sam Faiers Causes Outrage Though Her Family As She Admits She Wants To Move To LA With Her Son

Sam Faiers Causes Outrage Though Her Family As She Admits She Wants To Move To LA With Her Son

Sam Faiers has seriously upset her family!

The former TOWIE star broken the news to her family that her and her boyfriend Paul Knightley are planning on moving to LA with their baby Paul.

Sam who previously upset her family on her reality show The Mummy Diaries when she annouced that she wanted to move to Surrey so moving to LA is a million times worse.

In the clip released today from tonight’s episode  Sam invites her family and Paul’s mum Gaynor over for a family meal so she could break the news.

Before the meal Sam is seen talking to her sister Billie Faiers and told her the news as Billie called her “out of order” for wanting to move so far away.

At the end of the clip Gaynor is heard saying:

“I can’t believe it. I can’t even speak about this.”

We will have to see the fall out on the last in the series tonight.

Sharon Osbourne Spends £230k-A-Year Flying Her Dogs FIRST CLASS!!

Sharon Osbourne Spends £230k-A-Year Flying Her Dogs FIRST CLASS!!

Wow someone has far too much money!

It’s been said that Sharon Osbourne spends a whopping £230,000 a year flying her dogs on planes first class.

Sharon who is a massive dog lover travels up to 16,000 miles in a week between commitments for X Factor and The Talk.

Mrs O spends a few days in London for the X Factor and then flies out to LA for four days to film The Talk and it seem’s she cant leave her dogs at home so they come with her too.

The MailOnline has said that Shazza gets around airline rules about flying pets onboard and has said that the dogs are ’emotional support animals’ for her ‘fear of flying’

A source has said to the MailOnline:

“[Sharon] has an incredibly hectic transatlantic job and understandably finds all the flying pretty exhausting and stressful. It takes its toll.

“Bella and Rocky provide a real sense of security and comfort, and are both perfectly happy at 36,000ft.”

That’s so cute that she flys the dogs with her but all that money is just mad.

Aaron Carter To Go On Tour!

Aaron Carter To Go On Tour!

Aaron Carter To Go On Tour!

He’s been out of the music industry for since the 90’s now but it seems Aaron Carter is coming back.

The singer has announced that he’s going on tour and it will be called Aaron Carter’s Wonderful World Tour and will start at the end of September.

Aaron will perform some of his biggest hits including I Want Candy and Aaron’s Party!

What do you think do you want to relive the 90’s with Aaron.

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