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ITV’S The Nightly Show Is Axed After One Series And Fearless And Bigheads Are Axed Too

They only aired one series of The Nightly Show, Fearless and Bigheads but now ITV have decided to get rid of all three of them shows.

The show that aired last year on the channel have been scrapped as an ITV spokesperson has said:

“Some of our schedule did not perform as well as we had hoped, for example The Nightly Show, Fearless and Bigheads, so will not return in 2018.”

The Nightly Show was meant to be a copy of the hugely popular American Late Late Show but sadly failed to bring in the ratings.

It aired every night for two months in 2017 and had a who series of hosts including David Walliams, Davina McCall and Bradley Walsh but not even these big named could get the viewers to watch.

Madonna Is Next To Carpool Karaoke With James Cordon!


Madge is up next!

Massive news as James Codon is about to take a ride with Madonna as she is next to rid alongside him during his Carpool Karaoke.

Madge took to her Instagram account to break the news as she shared a photo of herself with James and admitting that she is filming the carpool special.

Along with the snap she said:

“Riding around Manhattan with this Hunk of Burning Love 🔥💘🚗🚗@latelateshow🚗🚗carpool karaoke 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉”

This is going to be simply amazing.

We can just see these two singing along to all the hits as they ride around Manhattan.

Exciting stuff.