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Marnie Simpson Hints She Might Leave Geordie Shore After Finding Love

She’s been in the show since 2013 now but it seems Marnie Simpson might be the next cast member to leave Geordie Shore.

Marnie has said that she has been finding filming very stressful.

When asked by Star Magazine who will be the next member to leave the show she said:

“Probably me,”

“I find it hard to film. I suffer with OCD and anxiety and I get stressed. I want to keep on top of my work outside the house and you can’t do that when you’re filming.

“Everyone thinks it’s easy but it’s actually really hard.”


Holly Hagan Breaks Down On Geordie Shore As She Admits She Can’t Be On The Show Without Boyfriend Kyle!

Holly Hagan Breaks Down On Geordie Shore As She Admits She Can't Be On The Show Without Boyfriend Kyle!

She’s been on the show since the beginning but in an upcoming clip of Geordie Shore it shows Holly Hagan breakdown after she admits she can’t be on the show without her boyfriend Kyle Christie.

Kylie joined Holly for her birthday but we returning home and that’s when  Holly let her feelings out and admitted that she wanted to leave the show.

Holly who’s been on the show for five years now will have her final scenes on Tuesday night during the series finale.

Talking on the show Holly said:

I have had the most amazing time this trip but when Kyle came back I realised that I can’t live in this house without him, and if he can’t be there then I can’t be neither.’


It is a shame to see her go because there are not many of the originals left now.

Holly Hagan Confirms Geordie Shore Departure As She Throws Shade At Newbie Cast Members

Holly Hagan Confirms Geordie Shore Departure As She Throws Shade At Newbie Cast Members

There has been so much speculation that Holly Hagan is going to be leaving Geordie Shore but now the reality star has confirmed the reports.

Holly has taken to her Twitter account to share a photo of her and former fellow cast member Charlotte Crosby with shocked expressions across their faces.

Along with the photo above Holly said:

‘RIP to the Gshore we once knew. So glad I was there from day one. Never be the same @Charlottegshore’

Holly is talking about three new girls who have been casted for the show and started filming scenes this week.

Holly has been on the show since day one so this must be a massive shock to see three new girls casted as cast members.

No one will be able to replace the girls they have been fab on the show and we really think this will be the end of Geordie Shore sadly.

ITV News Reader Mark Austin To Leave ITV After 20 Years!

ITV News Reader Mark Austin Leaves ITV After 20 Years!

He’s been presenting the news on ITV for a whopping 30 years now but sadly Mark Austin has annouced that he is to leave the channel.

It’s ahead of his thirtieth anniversary at ITV News but it seem’s we only have Mark presenting the News At Ten until the end of the year.

Mark said:

This week marks 30 years at ITN, three decades when I’ve enjoyed some of the best jobs in television news, travelling the world, reporting and anchoring on the biggest stories and working with some of the most talented people in the business.

It was a great honour to present News at Ten and the Evening News for so many years and a privilege to be part of the great tradition of ITN journalism and all it stands for.

He continued:

I’m proud of what we achieved. But new opportunities present themselves and now is the time to pursue those challenges. I leave my friends and colleagues at ITV News with a heavy heart but excited about what lies ahead.

Since joining the channel has has presented some of the most heartbreaking news but there has also been so lovely times.

John Hardie who’s the chief executive of ITV has said:

Mark’s contribution to ITN, and to ITV News in particular, cannot be overstated. One of the outstanding broadcast journalists of his generation, for three decades Mark has consistently demonstrated the qualities that have made him such a household name, his integrity, his brilliant foreign reportage and his sincere compassion for those whose story he is telling. I am delighted he will be continuing to work closely with us on developing projects with ITN Productions. I am very sad to see him go.

So are we.

We wish him luck with whatever he does in the future.

Jamie Dornan Has Quit Fifty Shades Of Grey Film!

Jamie Dornan Has Quit Fifty Shades Of Grey Film!


Jamie Dornan has decided to quit Fifty Shades Of Grey films.

Reports are saying Jamie has pulled out of the fourth instalment of the franchise and had had enough of spanks and whips.

Talking Jamie said to The Sun:

“We have done two movies back to back now, and I’m actually finished with it. I’ve done Fifty Shades forever.”

“I move on very fast in my mind. As much as from the outside people think you are synonymous with one character, but I’m very much like, ‘Right, that’s done’ and move on to the next project and worry about that character,”

Nothing has been confirmed who will take over from Jamie but make sure you stay tuned to NicoleWilliamsGossip.co.uk for all the infor as it breaks!

We will miss Jamie and his sexy body ;).

Zayn Malik Has Quit One Direction!

Zayn Malik Has Quit One Direction!

Zayn Malik Has Quit One Direction!

Breaking and upsetting news just in as Zayn Malik has decided to quit One Direction.

Over the last few weeks lots and lots of specualtion that he will be leaving the band have been flying around but now it’s all been confirmed.

Last week it was annouced that Zayn was fulling out of the tour for a few dates due to ‘stress’ after it was in the press that photos appeared of him holding another…

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