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Blac Chyna Speaks About Her Sex Tape!

She’s spoke!

With a video of what looks like Blac Chyna being involved in a sex tape what was released last week it’s not caused her to speak out.

The video was floating around on Twitter and then an even longer version was published to mate the matter worse and we have questions like who published it for the world to see.

Now Chyna has said that she doesn’t know who leaked the tape.

She said to TMZ:

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

Then she was aksed if there is going to be any mor tapes to come out and she replied:

“Ha, I doubt it.”


New Longer Video Of Blac Chyna’s Sex Tape Hits Internet

Wow we wasn’t expecting this at all.

A longer and new sex tape feturing Blac Chyna has apparently hit the internet.

TMZ have now reported that after the oral sex video featuring what looks like Chyna and her ex boyfriend Mechie leaked at the start of this week what was 13 minutes long another has been found online and is on for a lot long and is currently sweeping the internet as we speak.

Since the sex tape was released Chyna’s legal team have been writing letters to porn sites requesting them to take the videos down and off the sites for good.

Blac Chyna’s Sex Tape Is Released!!

Ohh nooooo!

A sex tape featuring Blac Chyna has been released on the internet.

The video has been published on Twitter early Monday morning of her with a mystery man and now TMZ have reported that Blac is taking legal action.

Apparently the video shows Blac performing oral sex and it doesn’t show the man in questions face in the film at all but you can see that it is Blac.

Chyna’s attorney Walter Mosley has now said that he can not comment on the video as it is a criminal matter now.

Sadly for Chyna this is not the first time that naked photos have appeared online as her former fiance Rob Kardashian released some nude snaps of her online back in July 2017.

Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI

Tiger Woods is no stranger to having a brush with the law but now he has taken it to another level as he has been show the cop shop again.

Tiger has been arrested for a DUI after the police pulled him over by the road side at around 3:00 a.m.,in Jupiter, Florida.

Wood’s was released from Palm Beach County Jail at 10:50 a.m what means he has had his license suspended and taken away for this careless act.

Sources have been saying that his people have been contacting the police all morning to see if the police men where wearing a body cam as they wanted to see the footage.

We shall keep you posted on this story.

Kendall Jenner Has Been Robbed! Get All The Information HERE!

Kendall Jenner Says What Disney Princess Are Each Of Her Sisters

Last year it was Kim Kardashian this year Kendall Jenner!

Reports have been saying that Kendall has been robbed and had a whopping $200K worth of jewelry stolen from her home.

TMZ have been saying that the supermodel left her Hollywood Hills home on March 15 around 12 p.m. and didn’t return to her residence until about 8 p.m and in just that time she was robbed.

At first when she arrived back home she never noticed that anything had gone on ad was in the house for a number of hours before noticing that the items had gone walkies.

It’s been said that Kendall noticed that the jews where missing around 1AM and that’s when she called the police but at the moment there are not suspects in the case as there was no forced entry.

The police are now trying their hardest to find these awful people and we shall keep you posted on when we know any more in this case.

Thank Goodness she wasnt home when this was going on.

Six More Suspects Have Been Charged With Kim Kardashian’s Robbery!

New DNA Found In The Kim Kardashian Robbery Case!

It’s looking up!

Six more suspects have been arrested in connection with the Kim Kardashian robbery what happened back in october last year.

Buzzfeed News have said that the new charges include kidnapping, conspiracy, identity theft, possession of false documents, possession of ammunition, and possession of a Kalashnikov submachine gun.

The names of the suspects are Aomar A., 60; Pierre B., 72; Didier D., 61; François D., 54; A Harminy, 29; and Christiane G., 70.

A spokeswoman from prosecutor’s office Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre has said:

“The six indictments occurred after remarkable work by the Banditry Brigade.”

We will keep you posted on this.

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