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Linda Robson Confesses That She Kepted Dead Loved Ones Ashes In her Underwear Draw

Linda Robson Confesses That She Kepted Dead Loved Ones Ashes In her Underwear Draw


Linda Robson has confessed on Loose Women that she kepted her dead loved ones inclduign her step father’s ashes in her underwear draw.

The actresses confessd on Tuesday afternoon Loose Women where she said that all the ashes she has are kepted in the draw including her step-dad and their family pet dog.

Linda said:

‘I keep all my ashes in my knicker drawer, they’re all in little bags, I’ve got my step dad, my dogs, they’re all safe in there!’

The other Loose Women seemed really shocked at what Linda has just confessed as Christine Lampard said:

‘I wouldn’t want to be in your knicker drawer, I just had an image of what it looks like!’

Must be a lovely draw.

Loose Women Andrea Mclean Nearly Pops Out Of Wedding Dress In New Snap

Loose Women Andrea Mclean Nearly Pops Out Of Wedding Dress In New Snap

Andrea Mclean nearly gave her wedding guests an eyeful on Thursday after she bent down to look at her cake and her boobs nearly fell out of her beautiful dress.

The Loose Women presenter looked fantastic as she married her partner of four years Nick but the dress was a little low as you can see in the photo above.

On the ITV show on Friday they showed a clip of her wedding as Nadia Swalah said about the big day:

“Andrea tied the knot with Nick at a very intimate and beautiful wedding – it was so gorgeous.”

She looked like a fairy-tale princess, they were all dancing, the family was there – she looked like a filmstar,”

Stacey then said:

“The smile did not come off her face the entire night, it was like it had been pulled by string.”

Nadia then said:

“Her breasts looked good!”

To what Linda Robson joked:

“She nearly popped out!”

So funny she does look fantastic.

Stacey Solomon Flashes Under Arm And Leg Hair As She Quits Shaving For November

Stacey Solomon Flashes Under Arm And Leg Hair As She Quits Shaving For November

Stacey Solomon admitted a few weeks ago that she was giving up shaving her body hair for the month of November but on today’s episode of Loose Women Stacey showed off her new body hair.

Stacey flashed her under arm hair and her leg hair on the show after a month of not shaving.

It wasnt just Stacey who decided to throw the razors away for November as Linda Robson and Nadia Sawalha did too.

Linda and Nadia confessed that they hadn’t grown much hair due to their age but Stacey had a lot.


Linda Robson Swears Live On Loose Women As She Nearly Falls off Treadmill

She’s so naughty.

Linda Robson nearly came a cropper on Loose Women on Wednesday afternoon after she got on a treadmill and nearly fell off it with some bad language in the process.

The other Loose Women including Linda Robson Swears Live On Loose Women as she nearly falls off a treadmill encouragement as she got onto the treadmill but then when she nearly fell off she shouted out ‘s***’.

Linda then shouted:

“I said chick! Chick!”

Yeah yeah of course you did Nannie Linda.

Loose Women’s Linda Robson Admits She Overdosed On Marijuana Brownie

She one a early anticipated TV show what is airing tonight what sees a host of big names investigate marijuana and how it has been legalized in some states in america on new show Gone To Pot.

Today on Good Morning Britain Linda Robson appeared on the show along side Bobby George who appeared on the show to talk about what they got up to in the USA.

Linda confessed on the morning ITV show that she overdosed on marijuana brownies as Linda said:

“Medicinally it has got such a great benefit for health and everything.”

Linda then said that she had trouble sleeping while she was away and confessed that eating the brownies made her sleep as she continued to say:

“I had a chocolate brownie.

“I probably overdosed on the chocolate brownie because the same thing happened again.

“You don’t know, and it takes quite a while to work.

“But I had the best four hours sleep since I was out there.”

We have to say we are looking forward to the show tonight.

Pam St Clement Reveals She’s A Big Fan Of Cannabis During Interview

Pam St Clement Reveals She's A Big Fan Of Cannabis During Interview

She’s an Eastenders legend but now Pam St Clements has revealed that she is a fan of smoking canabis.

Pam who is staring on a new program what sees Christopher Biggins, Linda Robson, John Fashanu and Bobby George go on a  US road trip around California and Colarado, where cannabis has been legalized for medical and private recreational use.

Pam has been talking about the new show what starts next week called  Gone To Pot as she said to Lorraine Kelly:

“I have an amazing respect for that plant which can be so useful to us if it’s used properly.

“The medical effects – which are yet to be confirmed – can be amazing.

“We all used it for medical conditions, great or small, and most came away feeling it had helped.”

Pam then continued:

“Biggins and Bobby really did tuck in a little bit!”

We are really looking forward to watching the show next week.