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Scarlett Moffatt’s Boyfriend Begs Her To Not Have Any More Surgery To Her Face!

It’s looking like Scarlett Moffatt’s boyfriend is think that she has changed her face too much as he has asked her not to have any more plastic surgery.

Lee Wilkinson apparently has begged the Saturday Night Takeaway star to not have any more surgery to her face.

Scarlett has never admitted to having any surgery on her faces only ever said that she has had lip fillers and veneers.

A friend of Moffatt’s has said to Reveal magazine:

“Lee is totally against Scarlett changing herself.

“He’s begged her, ‘Don’t do a Jordan [Katie Price] and start destroying your face, you’re perfect the way you are.’”

She continued:

“She’s her own biggest critic and has confided in friends that she’s not happy with her weight, her lips or her overall look.

“But Lee is insisting he won’t let her get more surgery as long as they’re together. He’s trying to do everything he can to show her that she’s already perfect.”


Lauren Goodger Shows Off Her Large Pout On Instagram

Lauren Goodger Shows Off Her Large Pout On Instagram

Lauren Goodger is no stranger to having cosmetic procedures but now it’s looking like she might have taken to another level after she has filmed herself with very large lips.

The former TOWIE star was spotted outside of her home on Wednesday afternoon with large scars near her eyebrows as she displayed the larger lips.

Lauren showed off her lips on social media and fans just couldn’t help but comment on the show about how ‘swollen’ they look.

Danniella Westbrook Shows Off Her Larger Lips And She’s Happy With Her Swollen Pout

Danniella Westbrook Shows Off Her Larger Lips And She's Happy With Her Swollen Pout

Danniella Westbrook has proudly showed off her new larger lips and we have to say they look very swolen.

The actress shared a photo on social media of the lips and said that she is really happy with them as she shared:

 “So happy with my lips!”

Her followers started to comment on the photo saying about how “painful” they look while others where commenting asking how much the procedure costs.

Lauren Goodger Shows Off Her Massive Pout On Snapchat


She turned over a new leaf earlier this year when she stopped having lip fillers after having five years worth of injections but now Lauren Goodger has gone back to her old ways as she has decided to have her lips filled again.

The reality star took to her snapchat account to share a photo of her massively swollen lips what actually look like they may need medical attention.

It was only earlier this year that Lauren said that she wanted to look more natural.

She really has over dont it this time.

Nicole Scherzinger Gets Accused Of Messing Up Her Lips As She Shows Off Her New Lip Fillers

Nicole Scherzinger Gets Accused Of Messing Up Her Lips As She Shows Off Her New Lip Fillers

They are all doing it these days!

Nicole Scherzinger has been slated by fans after she shared a photo of her putting to camera showing off her larger lips.

Nicole has not confirmed if she has had lip fillers recently or not but it definitely looks like it.

Along with the snap above Nicole said:

‘Guess who came out to play! The #london sun! #sunkissed.’

One of her Instagram followers commented and said:

‘What have you done to your gorgeous lips?’

While others where supportive of Nicole’s new look.

We have to say we like the look of her lips in this snap.

What do you think?

TOWIE Fans Slamm Lauren Goodger As They Ask What Has She Done To Her Face?!


She hasn’t been on our screens for a while now but tonight Lauren Goodger returned to The Only Way Is Essex.

The reality star returned to the show and received a lot of backlash online after people where asked what exactly she has done to her face.

As we told you yesterday Lauren was back on the show to support Megan McKenna after she found out that her boyfriend Pete Wicks had been sexting other women while he was with her.

One person tweeted:

“Oh FFS don’t need Lauren Goodger on my screen,”

As another said:

“OMG, Lauren Goodger is back… why?”

She does change her appearance a lot with Lip fillers and botox.

She does need to stop because it wont be long until it looks a little off.