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Coleen Nolan Puts An End To Simon Webb Interview About His Engagement After She Says It Makes Her ‘Feel Sick’

Coleen Nolan Puts An End To Simon Webb Interview About His Engagement After She Says It Makes Her 'Feel Sick'

Today Simon Webb was appearing on Loose Women to talk about his engagement to his fiancee Ashyen Kemal when the interview came to an end due to one of the Loose Women.

When Simon was talking about proposing to his lady Coleen Nolan said that it was making her ‘feel sick’ and he was too ‘cheesy’.

It was in February when Simon got down on one knee to ask Ashyen to marry him and of course she said yes.

After reaching her limits with the engagement talk Nolan interrupted Simon and said:

“Stop now stop, seriously I’m going to be sick.”

Simon then changed the subject to talk about his new album.

James Argent Talks About His Nose Job Operation On Loose Women

He recently splashed out over £5k on a new nose but now James Argent has talked about the reason behind it.

James appeared on Loose Women on Friday when he said that due to his recent weight loss his nose ‘stood out’ causing him to want to go under the knife.

Talking on the show he said:

‘I didn’t want to change my face, I wanted it to be subtle. I wanted it to be natural and that’s how it has come out.

‘I was a lot bigger before and my features didn’t stand out so much, but when I lost weight, my features stood out – there was a big bump and i wanted it straightened out.

James then confessed that him wanting the surgery was the pressures of being on the TV:

‘There is pressure to look a certain way – there’s a lot of good-looking fellas on the show, but I’m not trying to be in competition with them’.

His new nose looks fab.

Katie Price Claims Shes Found SHOCKING Messages On 12-Year-Old Son Junior’s Phone

Katie Price Claims Shes Found SHOCKING Messages On 12-Year-Old Son Junior's Phone

Katie Price has claimed that she has found shocking messages from girls on son Junior’s phone!

Katie was on Loose Women on Thursday when the girls were talking about checking their children’s Junior and Princess phone and that’s when Katie confessed to what she has found on his phone.

Price said:

“When they’re in bed, I go through their phones, go through messages.

“There are girls on Junior’s phone I’ve blocked. They’re 12 year olds and I can’t believe what they send.

She continued:

“I go through his notes too.

“I can’t believe there are girls like that who send stuff like that.”

Then Katie continued to say that she has warned her children to not “send certain stuff” to people and said that she has the passwords to both of their phones.

She then said:

“I go through their history and everything they’ve done.

“I’ve told them, ‘If I do find something and you break that trust, I’ll take your phone away.'”


Katie Price Gets Slammed By Loose Women Viewers Over Ever Changing Face

Katie Price appeared on Loose Women today as she does most weeks but today all viewers where talking about on social media was her every changing face.

Katie who’s recently had a face procedure and filmed it for her social media accounts looked different than ever but now one viewer has questioned if she was involved in a car crash because her face is so different.

One viewer tweeted:

Katie price looks like she’s made from clay.”

While another said:

Katie Price looks more like the bride of wildenstein every day.”

The viewers where just left really shocked and some of them have asked her to stop changing her face.

Dawn French Talks About Her Mass Weightloss On Loose Women Ahead Of Her 60TH Birthday

Dawn French has lost so so much weight over the last few years and now approaching her 60th birthday Dawn has opened up about her weight.

The actress was on Loose Women on Tuesday promoting her new book Me You A Diary when the conversation turned to just how much weight she has lost.

Talking on the lunchtime show Dawn said:

‘I shed the weight a long time ago, I go up a bit, down a bit, feel no different, I’m still Dawn, I liked the old Dawn, I may go there again, depends how many doughnuts I decide to eat.

Dawn looked younger than every on Loose Women today she really has done so well to lose all that weight.

She looks fab.

Katie Price Texts Into Loose Women Studios Demanding That Chris Hughes Explains Himself During interview About Flirty Text Messages

She want’s answers.

Katie Price texted into the Loose Women studios on Friday to demand them get answers out of Love Island’s Chris Hughes who was appearing on the show.

The former glamour model has been texting Chris in August via Whatsapp and then at the start of this week Chris leaked the messages on social media causing Katie to want answers.

Presenter Kay Adams suddenly started to probed him about why he went public with her Loose Women co-host’s texting.

Chris said:

“Basically I’m one of them people…In my opinion those messages were flirty.

“She doesn’t actuyally know me, and I have a girlfriend.

He continued:

“To repeatedly message me when they don’t know me, thats flirting. I’ve got a girtlfriend.

“She basically accused me of lying, but I had proof.

“It was in the heat of moment, and maybe it wasn’t right thing to do, but I don’t regret it.”

Stacey Solomon then asked if he had replied back and deleted any of the messages and he replied:

“I never responded. I wouldn’t have done what I did if I’d responded.”

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