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Cher Lloyd Admits She No Longer Talks To X Factor Mentor Cheryl Because She’s ‘Too Busy Being A Mum’

They struck up an amazing friendship when Cheryl was Cher Lloyd’s mentor on the X Factor but now it seems that friendship is no more.

Cher has appeared on Lorraine on Wednesday morning when she confessed that she no longer speaks to Cheryl.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly she said:

“I haven’t heard from her in a long time, she’s so busy with the baby. She’s got baby!”

There have been rumors before that the pair no longer spoke and had actually fallen out.

Viewers Left Shocked At Priscilla Presley’s ‘Ever Changing Face!’

Today Priscilla Presley appeared on ITV’s Lorraine where viewers where shocked at how much her face has changed.

The wife of the late Elvis Presley was on the morning show to talk about her latest album and tour when they just couldnt get over how different she looks.

Priscilla looked line and blemish free on the show as one person took to tier Twitter account and said:

“Pricilla Presley on Lorraine , omg she looks like a wax work ! What on earth ?? Please grow old gracefully! [sic]

While another said:

“Anyone else watching Pricilla Presley ON GMB? wtf has she done to herself ???!!”

What did you think of her look?

Lorraine Kelly Takes An Extended Break From ITV Morning Show As Fearne Cotton Is Forced To Step In

Lorraine Kelly Takes An Extended Break From ITV Morning Show As Fearne Cotton Is Forced To Step In

Lorraine Kelly has been off her ITV morning show Lorraine for a while now due to her trip of a lifetime forcing Christine Bleakley to step in.

Well now Lorraine’s trip has been extended and it has caused Fearne Cotton to step in and take over from the presenter.

Lorraine is currently enjoying a tip to Antarctica to follow in the footsteps of her hero, Sir Ernest Shackleton to mark her 25th wedding anniversary.

This will be the first time that Fearne has presented daytime TV and it looks like it’s going to be a busy week for her next week as she will have the likes of Steps, Emma Watson and Tom Daley all in the studio with her.

Cotton said:

“It’s going to be such a fun week, I’m really looking forward to hosting the show while Lorraine enjoys her trip of her lifetime.”

Editor of Lorraine Sue Walton, added:

“I’m delighted that Fearne, such a popular and versatile broadcaster, is presenting the show for a week.

“Fearne thrives on live, and her natural empathy, spontaneity, not forgetting her sense of fun will all shine through in what will be a special week of shows.”

This is fantastic for Fearne we shall look forward to seeing her on the show next week.

Mariah Carey Admits She Hasn’t Watched Her Reality Show Back

Mariah Carey Admits She Hasn't Watched Her Reality Show Back

She’s let cameras film all of her life but now Mariah Carey has admitted that she hasn’t watched her reality show Mariah’s World back.

Talking during a pre-recorded interview on Lorraine the singer admitted that she has not watched any of it back and really couldn’t care less if anyone doesn’t like the show as she has told them not to watch.

Talking to Ross King She said:

‘I was excited because it’s so interesting to put together a tour and hopefully people are going to enjoy it.’

‘I think it’s nice to see a different side – who cares at this point – if they don’t like it they don’t have to watch it,’ she added.

She continued to say:

‘I should have watched everything but there’s so many things that I was like I can’t watch this right now, there’s a lot of good things,’

Carey also said that she wanted to make the show to also make memories for her children Moroccan and Monroe, who will watch the show back in years to come.

She explained:

‘It’s going to be nice for them, I didn’t want to use too much footage of them but they wanted to be involved and they ask to come on stage,’

We will just have to see when the show airs.

GBBO’s Andrew Smyth Nearly Cuts His Finger Off Live On Lorraine After Cutting A Vegetable

GBBO's Andrew Smyth Nearly Cuts His Finger Off Live On Lorraine After Cutting A Vegetable

It was very scary!

Great British Bake Off  finalist Andrew Smyth has nearly cut his finger off after he was cutting vegetables on ITV’s Lorraine.

The chef was chopping the vegetables so quick that he nearly lost his finger as he just missed cutting all  the finger but it was still cut forcing him to look for tissues on the show.

Show host Lorraine Kelly seemed really shocked at just how close he nearly lost his finger.

After telling the viewers to ‘excuse him’ Andrew said:

‘I’m ok, I’m alright, fingers are all still intact,’ ‘I’m just in a bit of a TV rush here.’

Lorraine then said to him:

‘It’s ok, as long as you didn’t cut your hand off!’

Bless him he did seem embarrassed.

Ricky Wilson Wants To Host Top Gear With Lorraine Kelly!


What a pair.

Today Ricky Wilson appeared on ITV’s Lorraine where he talked about Top Gear and admitted that he would like to host the show with Lorraine Kelly.

With Chris Evans leaving the show there is a hosting job going along side Matt LeBlanc but it seems they might have two new hosts.

Chatting to Lorraine on Thursday morning the Kaiser Chiefs star said:

“You do the automatics and I’ll do the manuals.”

Haha we could just see these two on the show.

It would be nice to have a woman as a host on the such male show.