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Lorraine Kelly Caught Bad Mouthing Piers Morgan On Live TV

Well that was awwward!

Lorraine Kelly has been caught on camera bad mouthing Piers Morgan during a very awkward exchange of TV shows.

Piers crossed over to the Lorraine atudio to see what was coming up on her show on Wednesday morning when Piers caught her out about some catty comments she made about him.

Talking about when he appeared on Lorraine show he said:

‘When I appeared on Lorraines show to discuss my beauty secrets, on air Lorraine was like ‘oh, you look fabulous and beautiful’.

Lorraine looked shocked that she got caught out when they went live to her.

Viewers Left Shocked At Priscilla Presley’s ‘Ever Changing Face!’

Today Priscilla Presley appeared on ITV’s Lorraine where viewers where shocked at how much her face has changed.

The wife of the late Elvis Presley was on the morning show to talk about her latest album and tour when they just couldnt get over how different she looks.

Priscilla looked line and blemish free on the show as one person took to tier Twitter account and said:

“Pricilla Presley on Lorraine , omg she looks like a wax work ! What on earth ?? Please grow old gracefully! [sic]

While another said:

“Anyone else watching Pricilla Presley ON GMB? wtf has she done to herself ???!!”

What did you think of her look?

Nick Knowles Denies Being A Womaniser After Dating String Of Women

Nick Knowles Denies Being A Womaniser After Dating String Of Women

He’s been linked to a string of women but now Nick Knowles has said that he is not a womanizer and admitted that he cant go out with a woman without being linked in the press.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly on Monday morning the presenter turned singer has said:

“I’m picking up this reputation as a womaniser, and I’m not actually dating anybody.”

Nick was one linked to dating a woman in the press called Tori but now Nick has cleared up what happened as he said:

Knowles continued to say:

“Her husband doesn’t particularly like going to events and I was on my own going to an event so I said ‘do you wanna come along?’. So she came along.”

Other women who Nick has ‘dated’ include Julia Suzuki, Lark Rise to Candleford actress Olivia Hallinan, and former Towie star Pascal Craymer.

Lorraine Kelly Gets Very Flirty With Celebrity Big Brother Star Calum Best As He Apologizes For Failing To Turn Up To Interview Last Week

He was meant to appear on the show last week but failed to turn up due to his ‘wild lifestyle’ but on Monday morning Calum Best appeared on Lorraine.

The Celebrity Big Brother star appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s show where she was very flirty with Calum as she got all the gossip from the house.

Lorraine started the interview by saying:

‘Oooh you’re in good nick for 36, aren’t you?’

Then seeing that he has ‘Gentleman’ tattooed across his knuckles she said:

‘You are a gentleman,’ she said. ‘I just want you to settle down and find someone who is with you for all the right reasons.

‘As your mother said, you’re not going to find someone in a nightclub.’

She clearly would like a bit of Calum.


Mariah Carey Admits She Hasn’t Watched Her Reality Show Back

Mariah Carey Admits She Hasn't Watched Her Reality Show Back

She’s let cameras film all of her life but now Mariah Carey has admitted that she hasn’t watched her reality show Mariah’s World back.

Talking during a pre-recorded interview on Lorraine the singer admitted that she has not watched any of it back and really couldn’t care less if anyone doesn’t like the show as she has told them not to watch.

Talking to Ross King She said:

‘I was excited because it’s so interesting to put together a tour and hopefully people are going to enjoy it.’

‘I think it’s nice to see a different side – who cares at this point – if they don’t like it they don’t have to watch it,’ she added.

She continued to say:

‘I should have watched everything but there’s so many things that I was like I can’t watch this right now, there’s a lot of good things,’

Carey also said that she wanted to make the show to also make memories for her children Moroccan and Monroe, who will watch the show back in years to come.

She explained:

‘It’s going to be nice for them, I didn’t want to use too much footage of them but they wanted to be involved and they ask to come on stage,’

We will just have to see when the show airs.

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