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Ruth Langsford Begs Male Stripper To ‘Put His Clothes Back On’ As He Appears On This Morning Topless

As we told you earlier Lotan Carter from Big Brother appeared on This Morning on Friday to talk about his stripping carere.

At the start of the show Ltan was sitting on the sofa with his top off when host of the show Ruth Langsford decided to tell him to put his clothes back on.

The presenter was telling the viewers alongside her husband Eamonn Holmes when they cut to Lotan on the other side of the studio and he was topless.

Ruth shouted out:

“Put your clothes back on!”

Lotan then put his hands up to his chest covering his nipples.

When Ruth and Eamonn where interviewing the former Dream Boys star he had hit top on.

Stripper Lotan Carter Admits Woman Bit His Penis During Routine On Stage as He Opens Up On This Morning

He caused a stir on Big Brother when he appeared on the summer version last year but now Lotan Carter has been opening up about his stripping career and confessed that during a routine a woman bit his penis.

Talking to Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, Lotan said on Friday’s edition of This Morning that he thinks people should take female attacks on males during strip routines more seriously and he thinks there would be ‘up raw’ if is was a man causing harm to women so why should it be different?

Lotan said:

“Ultimately, they think because you do what you do they have a right to handle you in a way that isn’t really very nice.’

Lotan then continued to say that sometimes during the routine he brings women up on the stage with him and sometimes they are so drunk that they don’t know what is going on leading to him be injured on several occasions.

He continued to say:

‘It’s sad that its become commonplace but it is commonplace. It’s not everyone, it really isn’t, I’ve had guys that have tried to take it too far. Ultimately, they think because you do what you do they have a right to handle you in a way that isn’t really very nice.’

The former Dream Boy continued to say that the security in the venues don’t do anything when situations occur:

‘When we have security there aren’t enough of them, or they think ”That guy looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he can look after himself.”


Big Brothers Lotan Carter And Rebbeca Jane Are Dating

Well we didn’t see this comping off.

Pictures have been published online of Big Brother Stars Lotan Carter and Rebecca Jane kissing in a club and sources have been reporting saying that they are a couple.

But it’s not just sources what have been reporting this as Lotan has shared a photo of himself in bed with Rebecca as they shared a hotel room together.

We we didn’t see this at all now did we?

Big Brother’s Ellie Young Had Snog With New Boy Sam Chaloner


Unlucky in love `Ellie Young has had a snog in the Big Brother house.

Ellie who fell for Lotan Carter seemed like she would never find someone until New Boy Sam Chalner entered the house and said that she was exactly his type.’

The pair had a kiss in the bedroom but decided to keep it away from their other housemates but we can gaurente In typical Big `Brother fashion we bet the there housemates will fine out soon.

Ellie seemed over the moon with the kiss and we don’t think that Sam was complaining either.

Big Brother’s Lotan Carter Admits He’s Not Getting Any Action In The Bedroom Department And Is Trying To Win His Ex

Big Brother's Lotan Carter Admits He's Not Getting Any Action In The Bedroom Department And Is Trying To Win His Ex

His penis is not insured for a whopping 12 million pounds but it seems Big Brother’s Lotan Carter is not getting any action in the bedroom department.

The former Dreamboy has admitted that he is not getting any sex and is really wanting to win her back.

Lotan has been speaking to the Mail Online where he confessed that he regrets the way he was kicked out of the Big Brother house too as he was removed by the bosses of the show die to his violent behavior.

Lotan also annouced that his penis is not insure as he made that up just for the headlines.

Carter said during the interview:

‘I’m pretty sure reports of my penis being ensured for £12million are false – I’ve never had a medical so I think I would have noticed.

‘There are no problems with my penis- it’s just pretty unused,’ he added, reassuringly.

‘The reason I got so worked up during the argument with Isabelle is because she kept bringing up my son and ex which is private.

Then talking about his ex he said:

‘I’m not over her and we’d been together on and off for the last year, but she broke it off with me a few days before the house.’

‘She doesn’t like the spotlight and I would have given it all up for her but she didn’t want me to resent her if I got a normal office job.

‘I’m still in love with her and I’d get back with her in ten years if she had eight kids,’

We really hope that they do get back together as he really does love her.

Stephanie Davis Talks About What Would Happen If Her Baby Was Brought Up In Big Brother

Stephanie Davis Talks About What Would Happen If Her Baby Was Brought Up In Big Brother

She was involved in some of the biggest screens in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2016 but now Stephanie Davis has been talking about what would have happened if someone would have brought up her baby Caben in a row in the house.

Davis was on Bit On The Side on Monday night to talk about what was going on in the house when Rylan Clark-Neil asked Davis on her opinion about the row what went on Isabelle Warburton and Lotan Carter that led to his ejection from the house.

Isabelle questioned Lotan about how he was being a bad role model for his son and that caused Lotan to throw a beer all over his other housemates.

Stephanie then said:

“From the viewers point of view I think he’s had enough warnings. He came across as too arrogant.

“Did he deserve to go over what others did? I don’t know.

“If someone brought my son into it, I’m quite a fiery person as it is, you can imagine what I’d be like.

“And you don’t know until you’re in that situation so you can’t judge.”

We have to say we think that if anyones child was brought up when they didn’t want them to any one would kick off.