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Gail Porter Discusses Her Relationship With Late Prodigy Star Keith Flint As She Admits She ‘Loved Him and Misses Him’

So sad.

Last year the world was left in shock at the sudden suicide of Prodigy singer Keith Flint.

Well now his ex girlfriend Gail Porter has been talking about her relationship with Keith and admitted that she still very much ‘loves

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Louis Theroux Reveals Tiger King Star Joe Exotic Would Only Have Sex With His Two Husbands At Same Time To Avoid Jealousy

Apparently Tiger King Joe Exotic would only ever have sex with both his husbands at the same time to stop any jealousy.

Louis Theroux who filmed a documentary at Joe’s zoo back in 2011 has been talking about him and his two

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Louis Theroux Admits He Found Tiger King Joe Exotic ‘Hard To Dislike’ As He Filmed Documentary In 2011

Louis Theroux has admitted that he found it ‘hard to dislike’ Tiger King star Joe Exotic when he filmed a documentary about him in 2011.

Louis flew out to Tampa, Florida in 2011 to film a documentary about people keeping wild animals

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