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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Have Been Christmas Tree Shopping

Where are they going to put the tree they are not going to be spending Christmas together??

New lovebirds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have bee Christmas tree shopping according to sources.

The pair who will have their first christmas as a couple this year where spotted at the Pines and Needles shop on Monday night where they brought at six-foot Nordmann Fir for $70 before carrying it home themselves!

Apparently the tree is going to his Nottingham Cottage home at Kensington Palace where Meghan is currently staying.

The owner of the shop has told The Mirror:

“They were completely charming together and blissfully unaware that our jaws had hit the floor. They chose a gorgeous Nordmann Fir and walked away after exchanging Christmas pleasantries.”

Another source has reported to US Weekly:

“Harry and Meghan weren’t going to see each other until the vacation, but they really wanted to see each other. Meghan had an overwhelming few days in Toronto — cameras wherever she went, feeling like she was being followed. … This is all very surreal to her. She feels safe with Harry.”

Will they spend Christmas together?

They wont be able to spend it with the other Royle family because they are not engaged according to reports.

Christine Lampard Is Fed Up With People Asking Her When Is She Going To Have A Baby?!

Christine Lampard Is Fed Up With People Asking Her When Is She Going To Have A Baby?!

She hasn’t been married to Frank Lampard for long but now Christine Lampard has opened up about people keep asking her about when is she going to be a mum.

Christine who is step-mother to Frank’s two daughters spoke on Loose Women on Tuesday as she said:

“Oddly enough at 37, if you don’t have babies, it’s all I get asked.”

She continued to say:

“Firstly it’s: ‘Oh you’re 37! No babies yet?’ That’s a really big question. It doesn’t bother me really but it’s something I would never ask another girl.

“Purely because I have so many friends who have been through terrible struggles to have little babies and you just don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors and what’s going on in other people’s lives. It’s a question I would never ask anyone but I get asked it loads.”

It is true though of course people will ask when is she going to have children of her own but if she’s happy then who are we to judge??

She will have then in her own time.

Is Luke Pasqualino Cheating On Perrie Edwards Already?

Is Luke Pasqualino Cheating On Perrie Edwards Already?


It seem’s like Perrie Edwards may have fallen for a bad boy again!

Perry and her new boyfriend Luke Pasqualino seemed the perfect couple but now they have been hit with cheating rumors.

The pair who have only been seeing each other for a number of months may have ended it already as Luke has been spotted with another women recently.

Rumors are saying that Luke hooked up with a girl in Manchester when he was filming with TV show Snatch with Rupert Grint.

A source has reported to the Mirror today:

“It’s common knowledge around his circle of friends that she’s keen on him but he just wants to date and is focusing on his career at the moment.

“One friend in particular has been telling people he’s been getting with another girl and others have been shocked about how open they’ve been about it.”

Since the rumors where published there has been no evidence that he had been cheating on her but there has been more rumors like this on Twitter.

Marina, who uses the handle @mototwink112, tweeted recently:

“Luke is cheating on Perrie with another girl in Manchester. His friends find it hilarious.”

The Mirror contacted Luke’s agent for a response but they refused!