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Chris Hughes Gets Trolled After He’s Spotted At The Races With Makeup On

Chris Hughes has been spotted at Cheltenham races with what looked like makeup on his eyes.

Chris was trolled after he shared a number of photo of him with his brother, on/ off girlfriend Olivia Attwood and Jeremy Kylie at the even but it wasn’t who he was posing with what ot people talking as it was his choice to wear eyeliner.

One person commented on the snap above and said:

“Your startin to wear far too much make up son,”

While another said:

“Good god, you look caked in make-up.”

A third decided to comment saying:

“You look like Adam Lambert with the darker hair and make-up,”

While antoehr just simply called him a ‘drag queen’.

Holly Willoughby’s Foundation Just Costs £5.70!!

Wow what a bargin.

It’s been revied by a makeup atrist that Holly Willoughby’s foundation just costs £5.70.

Holly’s personal makeup artist Patsy O’Neill has revied that products that she uses on Holly for Dancing On Ice is called Deciem’s The Ordinary Serum Foundation what only was relesed last year and has proved exreamly popular sicne it’s relese.

Since it was relesed a whopping 75,000 women joined a waitng list to get their hands on their very own bottle and we have to sya it is extreamly hard.

If it’s good enought for Holly then it’s good anought for anyone.

Gemma Collins Looks So Much Different As She Appears On 100% Hotter

When  you think of Gemma Collins you think of fake tan, blonde hair and witty one liners but now we are going to see another side of Miss Collins.

Gemma has taken part on the new series of 100% Hotter what is airing tonight and Gemma has a makeover and we cant believe just how different she looks.

We have to say she looks so much different from her normal look but we actually like it.

We wonder how Gemma feels? We will just have to wait to find out tonight.

Loose Women Left Shocked At Nadia Sawalha’s Dirty Lipstick Covered In HAIRS!

Loose Women Left Shocked At Nadia Sawalha's Dirty Lipstick Covered In HAIRS!

Just simply disgusting.

On Loose Women they were talking about how dirty their makeup bags are and that’s when Kay Adams decided to get Nadia Sawalha’s bag out and when she pulled a lipstick out of the bag they all got a shock.

The lipstick was covered in HAIR and it was simply disgusting.

Kay opened the bag and said that it was a “absolutely minging thing” as she replutently put her hands though it.

Holding the lippy in her hand Kay sholuted out:

“It’s actually got a culture growing on top,”

Simply disgusting.

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Brush Gets Mistaken For A Sex Toy In Instagram Snap

Fans have been left shocked when they quickly glanched at Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed.

Kim shared a photo of her roses in her bathroom when fans noticed that something what looked like a sex toy was on the side near the roses but thankfully it was a makeup brush.

Almost straight away after sharing the photo comments started on the photo as one person said:

‘D**m. I thought that makeup brush was a mini bullet vibrator, 7 speed.’

We have to say after a quick glance it does look like a sex toy.

Love Island’s Montana’s Boob Falls Out Of Dress While Doing Her Makeup

She’s been unlucky in love in the Love Island villa but it seems she also has been unlucky with her clothes as her breast popped out while she was doing her makeup.

Montana Brown looked shocked as she looked down and her boob was poking out though her dress.

Clearly not bothered by her boob being out she just tucked it away and carried on doing her makeup.