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Frankie Bridge Rumored For This Years I’m A Celebrity

frankie bridge engament ring

Her husband Wayne Bridge took part in the 2016 series of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here but now it looks like Frankie Bridge is going to follow in his footsteps.

It’s been said that Frankie is rumored to be going into the Australian jungle when the series returns next month.

Frankie who has two children with Wayne has been rumored alongside Blazin Squad star Marcel Somerville, Singer Fleur East, EastEnders star Rita Simons and reality star Charlotte Dawson.

We have to say we think that Frankie would do fantastic in the jungle and we would so love to see her on the show.

Love Island’s Gabby Allen ‘Dumps’ Marcel Somerville After He ‘Cheated’ On Her During Holiday

Well we didn’t see this coming.

Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville are apparently over after Gabby aledadly found out that Marcel had been ‘cheating’ on her while on a romantic holiday to mexico.

The Sun have been saying that the girl in question had been sending Marcel ‘flirty text messages’ and he was ‘replying back’ to what the girl send a screenshot of the messages to Gabby on Instagram.

A source has told The Sun:

‘They had a row one night so Gabby went back to their hotel room to sleep while Marcel started chatting to another woman at the bar, where they kissed in full view of other guests.

It continued to say:

‘He insisted that he was staying there for promotional purposes and that it was over between him and Gabby.

‘Marcel and the girl slept together in her room and he left and went back to Gabby’s room, but promised to see her the following day when Gabby was at the gym.’

In one of the messages what was in the screen shots what have been published online it read:

‘Tomorrow I’ll be available. We can have some day sex.’

But Marcel and the woman in question nearly got caught as Gabby was returning back to the hotel room early as he replied:

‘I’m going to the gym but I’ll try and catch you on the way. Actually the plan has been ruined. She’s back.’

So sad.

Love Island’s Gabby And Marcel Have Had Sex!

Love Island's Gabby And Marcel Have Had Sex!

She made him wait in the Love Island villa but now Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville have had sex.

The pair who where together for most of the series where often asked why they where not having sex in the villa like the other islanders but Gabby always said that she wouldn’t do it on the TV.

Now they have been out a couple of days Gabby and Marcel have finally had sex and apparently it lived up to their expectations.

During a interview after leaing the villa Gabby said:

 ‘We had sex! It lived up to expectations. It was really good. We had dutch courage as well, we had a few drinks which always makes things easier.’

Then talking about waiting to have sex Gabby said:

‘I don’t feel like I should be shamed for NOT having sex on TV. I’ve been out I’ ve seen there’s been lots of talk about me not doing it, and me not fancying Marce.

‘But I made a promise to my brother and my mum that I wasn’t going to do it. People don’t realise that there’s literally a thousand cameras looking at you all the time. It’s really hard to get sexy. I didn’t feel any pressure. It just didn’t sit well with me.’

The pair have been praised by the viewing public after all the other couples where having sex and Gabby always said that she wouldnt on TV.

Glad the pair are going well.

Blazin’ Squad CONFIRM Reunion As Set For New Tour!

Blazin' Squad CONFIRM Reunion As Set For New Tour!

With the success of Marcel Somervill being in the Love Island villa Blazin Squad have decided to get back together.

The boys including Marcel who was in the band have annouced that they will be touring later this year as Marcel has gone down a storm with the viewing public.

It’s been said that at once Marcel is out of the Love Island villa they will be back on the road and even making more music.

Talking to the Metro.co.ukOllie – aka Freek in band said:

‘It will be the original line up, obviously there’s 10 of us. I’m not sure if all 10 of us will be doing it, but there will be a good chunk of doing it.

‘It’s been a long while since a lot of us have been on stage and toured. Fingers crossed! We’ve had the offers from promoters so hopefully. If it can come together then all good.

He then continued:

‘If we do do a tour and and start getting it all together then there will be new music. We wouldn’t rely on old stuff and a lot of it would be done by Marcel because he’s very creative.’

With Marcel being in the villa he doesn’t have any access to the outside world so we just hope that he agrees to the tour.

Love Island’s Gabby Isn’t In Love With Marcel

Love Island's Gabby Isn't In Love With Marcel

They have been coupled up for most of the series and it was early on when Marcel asked Gabby to be his girlfriend on Love Island.

On a number of occasions Marcel has told Gabby that he ‘loves her’ and she has never told him that she loves him back but on tonights episode it all comes out at the islanders undertake a lie detector test.

During the test Gabby was asked if she’s in love with Marcel and she said that she is but sadly she fails the test to the shock of the other Islanders.

Talking in the Beach hut Gabby said:

‘I’ve never been in this situation before, been in a relationship for a month and a half without doing the deed.

‘But I just think because we have such deep feelings without having sex means so much and it almost means more. I feel like we got to know each other in a different way and we’ve actually fallen in love with each other before having sex.’

We have been waiting for this all series and it’s going to be fascinating to see what else happens during tonight’s episode.

Love Island Fans Want to Know Who Was In Bed With Gabby As Different Looking Man To Marcel Spotted In Her Bed

Love Island Fans Want to Know Who Was In Bed With Gabby As Different Looking Man To Marcel Spotted In Her Bed

Last night Love Island viewers where left shocked after a different looking man was spotted in Gabby’s bed and they took to Social media to ask who was it in her bed.

As you may know her and Marcel have been loved up for weeks now and of course been sharing a bed but last night a different looking man was in her bed as you can see in the photo above.

One person tweeting asked:

“Wait…. that’s not Marcel ??? #LoveIsland ”

Another said:

“Umm @ITV… where’s Marcel?#loveisland ”

We personally think that it might just be down to the angle of the shot.

What do you think??