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Marnie Simpson Dry Humps Blonde Hunk On New Series Of Ex On The Beach

Marnie Simpson has got to know her new Ex On The Beach housemates very well.

The Geordie Shore star meet a hunkie blonde man when she decided to jump into his arms and dry hump him causing confusion to the viewers as they thought she was in a relationship with Casey Johnson.

Well she is.

The series was filmed before she got with Casey so she was single at the time of filming.

In the clip from tonight’s upcoming

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Marine Simpson Confirms She Has Left Geordie Shore After FIVE Years

She’s been on the show for five years but now Marnie Simpson has decided that it is time to leave the popular reality show Geordie Shore.

On Tuesday night it was the last episode of the series and tweeting on Wednesday morning she said that it had been a ‘wild five years’.

She said:

‘For everyone keep asking I have in fact permanently left Geordie shore, it was just time to move on, it just wasn’t the same without everyone

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Marnie Simpson Quits Geordie Shore After FIVE Years!

Marnie Simpson has announced on Thursday evening that she is leaving Geordie Shore after five years.

Marnie who ha shared lots of her life on the reality show announced she is leaving just one day after she tweeted saying that the show was ‘scripted and fake’ after she was asked by a fan.

The Sun has reported that Marnie wants to move on from the MTV show as the source has said:

‘Marnie has loved her

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Marnie Simpson Admits Geordie Shore Is ‘Fake And Scripted’ On Twitter

Viewers to Geordie Shore have noticed something very odd about the upcoming episode of the reality show.

At the end of Tuesday nights show they advertised that on the next show it is Marnie SImpson’s birthday episode but her birthday is actually today when the show was filmed a few months back.

Fans started taking to Twitter to ask what was going on when Marnie replied to one of the comments and confessed

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Geordie Shore’s Most Shocken Episode Airs With Cast Naked, Being Sick And Peeing In A Bin

Geordie Shore was already the most controversial show on TV but now it seems it has gotten a whole lot worse after the first episode of the new series aired.

On Tuesday nights episode viewers saw a naked Marnie Simpson pee in a bin in the middle of the house, Abby Holborn run around naked flashing everything and Nathan Henry be sick in the bedroom after a night of drinking.

Talking into the camera Abby said:

“Somehow I’m naked and

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Marnie Simpson Talks About Her ‘Passionate’ Sex Life With Boyfriend Casey Johnson

Marnie Simpson has bene talking about her sex life with boyfriend Cody Johnson and we have to say she really ahs gone into details.

Talking to OK magazine she said:

“Me and Casey are like best friends. We do have a very passionate relationship behind closed doors too,”

“We have a very good sex life, but we have that really good friendship too.”

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