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Marvin and Rochelle Humes Talk About their Favorite Sex Positions During Celebrity Juice Appearance

Marvin and Rochelle Humes are still in love no doubt but tonight on Celebrity Juice the pair talked about how they like to make love.

The married couple where appearing on the ITV comedy show hosted by Keith Lemon when they got on the subject of their favorite sex positions.

Keith set up a Mr and Mrs-style game, where he go to ask the pair lots of questions and as you can imagine they where all about sex.

Rochelle seems shocked that Keith was asking questions like he was as she shouted out:

For f**k’s sake Keith!’

The couple both answered the question by saying  ‘On top!’

Little too much information there.

Katie Price Back In Contact With Ex-fiance Leandro Penna’ After Break Down Of Her Marriage

Katie Price Back In Contact With Ex-fiance Leandro Penna’ After Break Down Of Her Marriage

Well this is a new one..

It’s been reported that Katie Price is back in contact with her former fiance Leandro Penna after the break down of her marriage with Kieran Hayler.

The pair who were engaged for six months back in 2012 are apparently back in contact with one and other as a source has said to Close Magazine:

“She’s been in touch with Leandro. He got in contact when he heard about her mum, and they’ve been speaking regularly.

“They met up in Miami earlier this year and she told him what was going on in her marriage too. She’s fond of him.”

The pair broke up when Leandro told The Sun that Katie had spent the night at Simon Cowell’s house and that’s when he broke the engagement off.

Chris Hughes Lashes Out At Katie Price As He Asks Why Anyone Would Want To Have Sex With Price

Rylan Clark Reveals Katie Price Does Have Flirty Message Screenshots From Chris Hughes

It’s all getting out of hand now!

Chris Hughes has hit out at Katie Price again as he got personal this time.

Reports have said that Chris has hit out at Katie’s marriage breaking down as he blamed lack of sex playing a part.

Apparently Chris said:

‘No wonder it’s sexless, look at her!’

There is no need to get personally now Chris is there??

Mark Wright Tells Michelle Keegan “She’s Beautiful Everyday” In New Interview

Mark Wright Tells Michelle Keegan "She's Beautiful Everyday" In New Interview

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been spending lots of time apart just lately with Mark and his presenting job in America and Michelle being away filming Out Girl so you would have thought that their relationship would have been on the rocks but not these two.

Mark has been talking about Michelle in a recent interview and he has gushed about how he tells his lady “she’s beautiful everyday”.

Talking to the Mailonline the former TOWIE star said:

‘Oh wow she looks so hot right? It’s not hard to make her feel body confident, just tell the truth and tell her when she looks sensational. I saw the shoot and she looked very very hot.

‘I can’t wait for her to get to LA.’

We bet he cant!

They haven’t spent hardly anytime together over the last few months so sometime together would be amazing for them both.

Louise Redknapp Speaks About Her Marriage Breakdown On This Morning

There have been rumors after rumors for weeks now but it seems during her appearance on This Morning Louise Redknapp decided it was time to speak about her marriage to Jamie Redknapp.

Louise was on the daytime show to talk about her hitting the music scene when she was asked by Eamonn Holmes what was going on with her marraige.

Redknapp seemed shocked that she was asked about the rumors where she confessed that she is putting her children first over her marriage.

She said:

‘Of course we all go through hard times and my priority and his priority is our children and protecting them and keeping as much private as possible and loving them and putting them first,’ she said. ‘That’s really what we’re focusing on.’

Glad to hear that both of them are focusing on their children.

Vicky Pattison Announces Engagement To John Noble

Vicky Pattison Announces Engagement To John Noble

Vicky Pattison has annouced her engagement to John Noble.

The pair who haven’t been dating for very long broke the news via Ok Magazine and Vicky has admitted that it was a “surprise” that John got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

John chose an amazing ring as he picked a 3.6-carat marquise-cut diamond ring what looks stunning on her finger.

Talking to OK magazine she said:

“I was spending a few days at John’s house, which is just outside Newcastle and surrounded by lovely countryside. One morning he suggested we take his dog Roxie out for a walk.

“After a while we stopped for a sit down on a bench overlooking some lovely scenery. I was playing with Roxie when she shook her head and got slobber all over my face. When I wiped it away, John was in front of me on one knee.

She continued to say:

“I couldn’t believe it, I burst into tears. I said yes and then I looked at the ring and I was blown away, it was amazing.”

But then continuing to talk to the magazine Vicky admitted that in the days up to the engagement she thought that they where splitting up as she explained:

 “In the days leading up to the proposal I was convinced that he was about to break up with me!

“We’d had a difficult few weeks because I had been really busy with work and couldn’t make it to see him.


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