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Former Spice Girl Mel B Calls Herself “Working Class”

Former Spice Girl Mel B Calls Herself "Working Class"

She’s a millionaire over and over but now former Spice Girl Mel B has said that she considers herself a underdog and “working class”.

Mel has been speaking to the Daily Telegraph Australia’s BW Magazine , where she said that she believes she is the underdog because she has been through so much in life.

She said:

“I am an underdog. That is what makes my job more colourful and more comfortable for me because I have been through everything. I’ve had highs, I’ve had lows. I’ve been popular, I’ve been unpopular.”

She continued:

“I’ve had number ones, I’ve had number 100s. I’ve never not admitted my failures. Everything I’ve done, whether that be a failure to someone else, has actually been a massive learning curve for me, both professionally and personally.”

“Of course I work hard. That is from my upbringing. My mum and dad are working-class people. They took on two and three jobs each.

We wouldn’t say she’s an underdog with her bank balance but if she feels that way then let her think it.

Mel B Admits The Spice Girls Reunion Isnt Going Happen Until ‘Everybody Gets Their Arse In Gear


Mel B is one tough talking lady.

It was a matter of months ago when Geri (Halliwell) Horner, and Emma Bunton got fans all worked up when they annouced that the Spice Girls where going to be getting back together as a trio, called GEM to celebrate their ’90s girl group’s 20th anniversary.

Both Victoria Beckham and Melanie C said they didn’t want no part in the reunion sadly.

Now Mel has spoken to sources and admitted that she is “fed” up about talking about the reuion as she said:

“I wish there was something to say. I’m fed up with talking about it because until it is absolutely set in stone and everybody gets their arse in gear, there is nothing to say.”

She then continued to say:

“If the girls said to me in January, ‘We’ve booked five shows in the UK,’ I’d drop everything and be there…Without those girls and without me being a Spice Girl and being part of that craziness, I wouldn’t be sitting here in Australia saying, ‘Yeah, I’m Scary Spice.’ I owe those girls everything.”

We just think this will be so hard without the other two girls.

These other girls really do need to get their “arses” in gear before she kicks off lol.

Mel B Storms Off TV Set After She Is Asked About Iggy Azalea

Mel B Storms Off TV Set After She Is Asked About Iggy Azalea

Mel B is not a happy lady.

During an interview on TV station in Australia about the X Factor Mel stormed of stage when asked Iggy Azalea.

Mel walked off Channel 7’s Sunrise programme as she walked past the camera clearly not happy at all.

Mel was quizzed by the TV hosts about is Iggy would be intimidated by the former Spice Girl’s return as she said:

“Oh god no! She’s got a massive career, she’s highly, highly successful and we get on.

“I know you’re trying to get some rivalry between me and Iggy but there isn’t any.”

Mel then stood up and said:

“Oh god, I’m leaving! What is all this?”

Then moments after she walked off the tv hosts fell into laughter.

Melanie C Thinks Geri Halliwell’s Pregnancy Will Save The Friendship Between The Spice Girls

Melanie C Thinks Geri Halliwell's Pregnancy Will Save The Friendship Between The Spice Girls

It Melanie C is nothing to go by Geri Horner has just ended a massive feud between the Spice Girls after announcing she is having a baby!

As you may know Melanie C and Victoria Beckham are not the best of friends as they didnt want to take part in a 20th anniversary tour.

This lead to Mel B calling her former bandmates “b*tches” on James Corden‘s The Late Late Show and at one point Mel also unfollowed the both of them on Twitter.

Now Melanie has spoken to The Daily Star and said that she hopes this baby will bring them both close together.

She said:

“Thank God Geri is pregnant because it’s made us go, ‘Oh my god, this is what’s really important.'”

Then talking about the odds of a reunion she said:

“Some of my relationships with some of the girls in the band have been difficult at times but I will never not love them.”

Mel then admitted that all the girls are speaking at the moment but that doesn’t mean that all their problems have gone away as she continued:

“I love Melanie but she is a little bit of a law unto herself.”

She then had one more thing to say as she said to the paper:

“She has her reasons but whatever they are, I don’t know. I read about the bitches comment. I’ve done it myself when you say something for comedic value and it backfires. Or maybe she does mean it. But I’ve nothing against her. Whatever. It’s fine.”

Hopefully the baby will bring all the girls back together and getting on for once because it use to be so nice.

At the end of the day they are girls so there will be loads of bitching.

Geri Horner Announces Her And Husband Christian Horner Are Expecting First Child Together!! Announces Her And Husband Christian Horner Are Expecting First Child Together!!

Geri Horner Announces Her And Husband Christian Horner Are Expecting First Child Together!! Announces Her And Husband Christian Horner Are Expecting First Child Together!!


Geri Horner and her husband Christian Horner have annouced that they are expecting their first child together!!
The pair who only married a year ago browe the lovely news on Monday morning via Instagram as they said they are ‘overjoyed’ to be expecting their first child together.

A spokesperson for Geri has said:

‘Geri and Christian are absolutely delighted to announce they are expecting their first child together.

‘The couple are overjoyed with the good news and cannot wait to welcome the newest addition to their family.’

Taking to her Instagram account she shared a photo of a drawing of a pregnant woman (below) along with the caption of:

‘God bless Mother Nature #mamaspice (sic),’

This is cuh lovely news big congratulations to them both.


Simon Cowell And Nicole Scherzinger Up Security After Kim Kardashian’s Attack


After Kim Kardashian’s attack in Paris this week it must play on other celebrities minds about the same thing could happen to them.

Well now it’s been reported that Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger have upped their security!

The X Factor pair who himself was burgled last year and had £1million of jewellery stolen, want’s to protect the show’s contestants at the television studios in Wembley.

When asked by a reporter if Simon is going to be upping the security he said:

Yeah, we are. We are. You have to nowadays. It’s just gone a bit nuts. There’s a really dark side out there and Christ you’ve got to be careful.”

It’s true.

The last thing he wants is for himself or anyone else on the X Factor to get attacked.