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The Spice Girls Are Attending The Royle Wedding But As Guest And Not Performers

Shame but good news still.

The Spice Girls are going to be attending the Royal wedding but sadly they won’t be performing like it was rumored.

The five girls will just be attending the wedding of the year just as guests as a sources has been confirmed to ET.

The source said:

“Although there is no plan to have the Spice Girls perform, it is a wedding, and who knows what could spontaneously happen.”

It will be great for them to attend but it is a shame that they are not going to be grabbing their microphones and performing.

Spice Girls Photograpphed Together First Time in Years!

Victoria Beckham has confirmed the news that we all have been hoping for as she shared a photo of herself and the other Spice Girls all posing together.

Victoria took to her Instagram account on Friday afternoon where she shared the photo above posing alongside Emma BuntonGeri HornerMel CMel B at Geri’s Hertfordshire home.

Along with the photo Beckham said:

Love my girls!!! So many kisses!!! X Exciting x

For years now it has been rumored that they will get back together and nothing has came from it until now.

Super exciting!

Melanie C Faces Backlash After She Shares Naked Photo But She Called Out Little Mix For Being ‘Provocative’

If you remember back to October you will know that Melanie C hit out at Little Mix for “getting more provocative”.

Last night Little Mix fans where shocked to see that Mel uploaded a naked photo to her Instagram page and fans couldn’t help themselves to comment accusing her of being Hypocritical.

It was in October she said:

“I love Little Mix. I loved them from The X Factor. I just thought they were so different. But they are getting more provocative. To me, they were kind of the closest thing to the Spice Girls we’ve seen. They are all gorgeous and great singers. But they weren’t sexy and it’s got more and more that way. I love them – but I just say, ‘Stay you.'”

Then last night one Little Mix fan commented on her naked photo and said:

“did you not criticise little mix recently for dressing “provocatively”. That’s a bit hypocritical of you don’t you think”

While another said:

“I wouldn’t usually mind a picture like this but it’s the fact she called Little Mix too provocative for wearing leotards. They were overly sexual. They covered up everything important and they do not deserve to get criticised as being ‘too provocative’ for wearing what they did by a woman who willingly posts a picture wearing less. Little Mix weren’t doing wearing their outfits in a sexual way, it was comfort.”

Not good at all.

Mel C Poses Naked In New Instagram Snap

Wow where did that come from?

Mel C has decided to strip off completely naked in a new Instagram snap showing off her toned body to her followers.

The 42-year-old covered her boobs up with her arms as she prepared for a photoshoot.

Along with the snap she said:

‘Cheeky little cover shoot tomorrow. Better get my work pants ready!’

That bod!!

Mel B Admits The Spice Girls Reunion Isnt Going Happen Until ‘Everybody Gets Their Arse In Gear


Mel B is one tough talking lady.

It was a matter of months ago when Geri (Halliwell) Horner, and Emma Bunton got fans all worked up when they annouced that the Spice Girls where going to be getting back together as a trio, called GEM to celebrate their ’90s girl group’s 20th anniversary.

Both Victoria Beckham and Melanie C said they didn’t want no part in the reunion sadly.

Now Mel has spoken to sources and admitted that she is “fed” up about talking about the reuion as she said:

“I wish there was something to say. I’m fed up with talking about it because until it is absolutely set in stone and everybody gets their arse in gear, there is nothing to say.”

She then continued to say:

“If the girls said to me in January, ‘We’ve booked five shows in the UK,’ I’d drop everything and be there…Without those girls and without me being a Spice Girl and being part of that craziness, I wouldn’t be sitting here in Australia saying, ‘Yeah, I’m Scary Spice.’ I owe those girls everything.”

We just think this will be so hard without the other two girls.

These other girls really do need to get their “arses” in gear before she kicks off lol.

Mel C Talks About The Day Victoria Beckham Meet Husband David As She Went “Giddy”


They are the hottest celebrity couple and have been year after year but now Melanie C has opened up about when Victoria Beckham meet David Beckham.

Talking on This Morning on Thursday Mel said that Victoria was “giddy” after she meet the tattooed hunk after they went to Old Trafford together.

Mel said today:

‘I am from Liverpool so for us both to go on the pitch at Manchester United, I can’t tell you the things we shouted.’

Then presenter Ben Shephard said:

‘Wasn’t that the day that she met David?

Mel continued to say:

‘It was,”She was giddy on the way home. We’ve been thinking about how the children have grown up now, all the Spicey children.’

It really is such a lovely love story and it much have been such a honor for Mel to watch it happen.

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