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Kelly Clarkson Admits When She Was ‘Skinny’ She Wanted To ‘Kill Herself’

Kelly Clarkson has been opening up about the hard times in her life and she also admitted that she thought about suicide.

Kelly has opened up to Attitude magazine and said that when she was “skinny” she absolutely hated it as she said:

“When I was really skinny, I wanted to kill myself. I was miserable, like inside and out, for four years of my life. But no one cared, because

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Kanye West Apparently Paid $250K To Stop A Sex Tape Being Published Of Him And Mystery Women

We where not expecting that at all.

Kanye West has apparently paid a whopping $250,000 to stop a sex tape of him having sex with another woman from being published.

In one of his songs called Real Friends, he says:

“I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f*ckin’ bitches on. Paid that n**** 250 thousand just to get it from him. Real friends…Huh?”

Kanye’s cousin

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Blac Chyna Has Been The ‘Instigator’ Of The Fights Between Herself And Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Will Have TWO Nurseries!

Even though Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna haven’t been getting on for a while and then it all seemed rosy when the baby Dream Kardashian was born.

Now it seems that Blac has been the main instigator of the fights as sources have been saying:

“He has absolutely been the instigator in most of their past fights. His emotional problems takes over and he lashes out at Chyna over ridiculous

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Nick Jonas Seems Happy That Selena Gomez Is Back In The Recording Studio!

Nick Jonas Seems Happy That Selena Gomez Is Back In The Recording Studio!

He’s not the only one.

It seems Nick Jonas is happy that Selena Gomez is back in the recording studio.

As we just told you songwriter Justin Tranter shared a photo of Selena back in the recording studio and when you look through the comments you will see that Nick commented on the photo with the hands up emoji as you can see above.

Glad she is back.

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Ariana Grande’s Stalker Pleads Guilty To Criminal Harassment

Ariana Grande's Stalker Pleads Guilty To Criminal Harassment

She must be so pleased!

Ariana Grande has been stalked for a while now bit it seems to be coming towards an end as he has pleaded guilty to criminal harassment.

Timothy Normandin has been stalking Grande since 2014 now and he was caught back then as he following the singer from New York to Connecticut and sending her unwanted texts and gifts like a 42-pound pumpkin, eight Yankee

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Kanye West ‘Wasn’t In A Good Head Space’ Weeks Before He Was Hospitalized!!

Kanye West Goes Blonde As He Makes His First Public Appearance Since He Was Hospitalized

Sources have been saying that Kanye West has not been in a ‘good head space’ for weeks before he was hospitalized for a breakdown.

The rapper was rushed to hospital on November 21 due to a psychiatric evaluation and now sources have said to People talking about his strange behaviour:

“He wasn’t making a lot of sense when he talked, and he was texting a lot of strange

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