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Mike Thalassitis Says Megan McKenna Is ‘The One’!

Wow where did this come from.

Earlier we told you that Mike Thalassitis is dating Megan Mckenna and apparently they have been dating since boxing day.

Now he has said that Megan is ‘the one’ and it looking to marry the former TOWIE star.

When he was being interviewed by The Sun about his currently starring on Celebs Go Dating Mike said when he asked if he would marry Megan:

“Marry. Yeah.”

Bless young love.


Megan McKenna And Mike Thalassitis Are Dating!!

He’s currently appearing on Celebs Go Dating to try and find in his own words “a ten out of ten” girlfriend but it seems he may have found out outside of the agency as he is dating Megan McKenna.

It was on Boxing Day of last year when Mike Thalassitis and Megan where first photographed together as he shared the photo above ot his Instagram account tagging the brunette in the photo but it seems they really are an item now.

The pair who are both from essex have been spotted out on a number of public appearances together and no one speculated that they where an item until now.

They would actually make such a good couple we have to say.

What do you think???

Celeb Go Dating’s Mike Thalassitis Isn’t Going Down Well

Mike Thalassitis Revels He Is Going Back To Love Island Villa After Beating Two News Boys On Public Vote

With Celebs Go Dating new series being on our TV screens for just over a week now the series is going down well but one person who is not with the viewers is Mike Thalassitis.

With his sexual banter and love for the ladies Mike has not gone down the best with the viewing public as they have taken to their social networking sites as one said:

“CelebsGoDating Muggy Mike or as I like to call him Pratty Mike is just vile, he has no charm, no wit, no personality, nothing zero.”

While another said:

“Muggy mike is a PRIME example that no matter how good looking you are, a horrible personality can make you the most unattractive 😷 #CelebsGoDating”

What do you think of Mike??

Celebs Go Dating’s Muggy Mike Gets Told Off By His Parents Over Dates

With Celebs Go Dating started last Sunday viewers have been seeing how the celebs get on while dating normal people.

One person who has been on the show is Love Island’s Mike Thalassitis and has already become the talk of the series with his sexual banter and way with the ladies.

Now his parents have told Mike off for the way he is treating the ladies on the show and when he snogged the girl in the hot tub within hours of meeting her.

When speaking to BUILD, Mike has said:

“I wanna be careful what I say, I wouldn’t say I was nasty to her or anything like that, I think people have taken it too serious and gone, oh, I’m this vile person.

“‘Cos I’m not a nasty person, yeah I admit I watched back the date and I cringed. My mum and dad ain’t spoken to me yet since they watched it either, so I definitely could have been more of a gent.”

“At the end of the day, I didn’t fancy her and it’s a TV show. That’s what it is.”

Bless them.

Maybe he should listen to his parent and take some advice.

Celebs Go Dating’s Tallia Storm And ‘Muggy Mike Ditch Dates To See One And Other

Is Celebs Go Dating's Tallia Storm Dating Fellow Client Mike Thalassitis?

With Tallia Storm and Mike Thalassitis filming Celebs Go Dating together the pair have been getting closer and closer and now reports have said that they have dumped their dates on the reality show for one and other.

The pair who have filmed the last episodes in Cape Verde last week and apparently they were all over one and other.

Sources have been reported by the Daily Mail:

“There is clearly something going on behind the scenes between Tallia and ‘Muggy’ Mike,”

“They were cosy on many occasions, sneaking off to the beach together and even spotted sitting together on the long haul flight home from Cape Verde.”

It continued to say:

“He seemed very protective of her and not his usual Muggy self.”

They would make a lovely couple we have to give them that.

What do you think??

Mike ‘Muggy’ Thalassitis Branded ‘Vile’ By Celebs Go Dating Viewers For Hinting At Sex On First Date

His stealing other people’s women got him the name ‘muggy’ on Love Island but now it seems that Mike Thalassitis has been living up to his name on Celebs Go Dating.

Viewers have branded Mike ‘vile’ after he went on a date on last night’s episode and hinted that he would like to have sex with the blonde called Emma who he was on the date with.

Talking to the camera after his date and after they had a snog Mike said:

‘She’s gagging for a bit of Magic Mike, so would be rude to leave her hanging.’

‘We did have a cheeky kiss, but let’s be honest she stuck it on me…’

Viewers started to take to Twitter one one of the viewers to the realiuty show shared:

‘Muggy Mike – proof that being a chauvinist piece of shit will always make you ugly #CelebsGoDating.’

While another said:

‘Muggy Mike is a disgrace no respect for any girl. And why any girl would want to go near him is beyond me #CelebsGoDating,’

We wonder what he will be life for the rest of the series.

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