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Mark Wright To Return To The UK To Host This Morning

He has one of the biggest TV jobs in america hosting Extra TV what aries daily in the states but now Essex boy Mark Wright is going to be returning to the UK to host This Morning.

Mark is going to be hosting the show for the first time on Friday alongside Mollie King who has been standing in for Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford who have been hosting the daily show Monday to Thursday while Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are on their summer break.

A source has said to the Mail Online:

‘Mark is super keen to continue presenting in both the UK and the USA – and sees This Morning as great way to re-introduce himself to UK viewers as a host since spending the last year on TV every night in the USA as the host of EXTRA.

‘Mark will present This Morning this Friday alongside Mollie King, who herself is new to the This Morning team, after hosting two weeks ago with Ben Shepard and last week with Matt Edmundson.’

We wonder how Mark will go down with the viewers with his Essex charm we bet he will be fantastic.

Mollie King Talks About Her Relationship With Strictly Come Dancing Partner AJ Pritchard

Mollie King Shoots Down Rumors That She Is Dating AJ Pritchard

Tonight Mollie King has been speaking about her Strictly Come Dancing partner AJ Pritchard at the NTA Awards.

Mollie admitted to the Mirror that she speaks to Aj all the time and is going to be seeing him when they go on tour very soon.

She said:

“We speak all the time and he’s on tour at the minute so he’s loving that.

“I’m going to watch the tour so I can’t wait to see it.”

Mollie and AJ caused nothing but dating rumors when they were on the BBC dancing show and it seems maybe something might still come from their relationship.

Mollie King And AJ Prichard Enjoy Romantic Date

Mollie King Talks About What's Going on Between Her And Strictly Partner AJ Pritchard

They have been rumoured to be dating but they have confessed that they like one and other but have not confirmed that anything is going on but now Strictly Come Dancing pair Mollie King and AJ Prichard have been spotted out on a date together.

The pair looked very much in love as they where sitting opposite one and other eating dinner on Wednesday.

Both Mollie and AJ where spotted holding hands during their date in London as it looked like they where talking about the semi -finals of the BBC one show over this weekend.

Mollie King Says She Wouldn’t Say ‘No’ If Aj Pritchard Asked Her Out!

Mollie King Shoots Down Rumors That She Is Dating AJ Pritchard

Loves young dream.

Mollie King has been asked during a recent interview about what she would do if her dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing  AJ Pritchard asked her out and he replied that she wouldnt say ‘no’.

The apr who have always denied that they where dating have seemed to grow even closer just lately as when AJ was asked about Mollie he talked about her sexy bottom.

Mollie said when she would say if he asked her out:

“I can’t tell you that! I have to see if he does! Who knows?”

We would love to see them get together.

What do you think?

AJ Pritchard Says Mollie King Has The ‘Sexiest Bum’ On Strictly Come Dancing

AJ Pritchard Says Mollie King Has The 'Sexiest Bum' On Strictly Come Dancing

Wow they have changed their tune.

Before Mollie King and Aj Prichard have denied that they like one and other in a romantic sort of way until now.

Aj has said that he think’s Mollie has the ‘sexiest bottom’ out of all the people on the show as he spoke about his dance partner during a recent interview.

When asked by the Daily Star if they where a couple he replied:

“That question will have to stay on everyone’s lips! But she is gorgeous and has the sexiest bum on the show.

“Time flies when we are together. We are always laughing.”

They would make such a good couple.

Mollie King Shoots Down Rumors That She Is Dating AJ Pritchard

Mollie King Shoots Down Rumors That She Is Dating AJ Pritchard

Their chemistry has caused rumors that they are dating after Mollie King and Aj Pritchard where paired up on Strictly Come Dancing but now Millie has shot down the rumors.

Mollie and Aj where both meant to appear on Lorraine on Wednesday but it was just Aj sitting on the sofa after Mollie slept through three alarms but then later on in the show she was sitting beside him.

Showbiz correspondent Dan Wootton piped up during the interview and said:

“Doesn’t this prove once and for all you’re not a couple as you’re not sleeping in the same bed?”

Both Mollie and AJ looked uncountable and said back to Dan:

 “You went straight in there!”

She then confirmed:

“We’re just friends, yes.”