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Ariana Grande’s ‘One Love Manchester’ Tickets Are Being Sold On eBay For Hundreds

Ariana Grande's 'One Love Manchester' Tickets Are Being Sold On eBay For Hundreds

Ohhh this is not good at all.

So on Sunday Ariana Grande and a whole host of celebrity friends are holding a concert in Manchester to raise money for all the victims in the Manchester attacks last week and tickets went on sale on Thursday.

Since they went on sale sadly they have appeared on eBay for hundreds of pounds raking in money for the sellers when the manchester victims are getting nothing at all what’s so not cool.

Since the tickets went on sale fans have been sharing this despair that the tickets are being sold on for money.

Since this news broke Ticketmaster UK is keeping its eyes on these resellers and have said that any tickets being sold on will be canceled and the person buying them will not be allowed to enter the venue.

Ariana Grande Is ‘In Hysterics’ After Concert Terror Attack!

Ariana Grande Is 'In Hysterics' After Concert Terror Attack!

With the awful events what happened in Manchester on Monday night when a terrorist dropped a detonator killing 22 innocent people and hurting over 50 it’s been said that Ariana Grande who was playing the venue is ‘In Hysterics’ since the even and is even blaming herself.

Sources have been reporting saying that she just can’t contain herself and she is meant to be performing Thursday and Friday night y at the O2 Arena in London, but now there is a good chance that she is going to cancel the concerts.

A source has said:

“She’s in no condition to perform.”

Thankfully Ariana was not physically hurt but has been left feeling very very upset.

Jennifer Lopez Refuses One Million Dollar New Years Eve Nightclub Appearance


Jennifer Lopez must have more money than we thought because now she has turned down a whopping $1 Million dollar gig on New Years Eve as she was asked to appear at a nightclub appearance.

TMZ have said that the singer has brought a new Bel Air home and she just wants to spend the new year in the lovely house with her family and it seems a million pound wouldnt tear her away fromt that at all.

An insider has said:

“She was just so consumed with ‘Shades of Blue,’ her concert and other obligations, getting on a plane for New Year’s just seemed too much and she wanted some personal and family time during the holidays.”

At the end of the day what is money when it comes to your family??

Will she invite Drake over?

Camila Cabello Accuses Fifth Harmoney Of Lying During Statement

is there a massive feud about to erupt??

With the news breaking today that Camila Cabello had quit Fifth Harmony she has now released a statement about what has gone on and it seems that she has accused the other girls of lying.

The 19-year-old has published a photo on Twitter of what she wanted to say about her leaving the group as she talked about her time with Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, and Ally Brooke.

She shared:


There you have it from the horses mouth.

Lauren Jauregui Apologizes To Fans For No Show At Fifth Harmony’s Brazil Concert Following Drug Arrest!

Lauren Jauregui has taken to social media to apologize to fans for not being able to attend a Fifth Harmony show in Brazil the other night due to her being arrested at Dulles Airport due to trying to smuggle drugs.

On Thursday the singer took to her instagram account to apologize to her Harmonizers in Portuguese.

She said:

“My dear Brazilian harmonizers, I’m sorry I couldn’t see you all. I didn’t get on the plane on time and because of this I had to go to Atlanta. I promise you I’m going to do everything for you because I love each of you with all my heart. I’m sorry.”

Glad she has explained thing si her own words and that her fans understand her too.

Lauren Jauregui Missed Fifth Harmony’s Brazil Show Due To Her Drug Drama!

Lauren Jauregui Missed Fifth Harmony's Brazil Show Due To Her Drug Drama!

That’s what you get…

With Lauren Jauregui being arrested at the airport for trying to smuggle drugs as we told you last night she was forced to miss the Fifth Harmony’s Brazil Show.

Normani Kordei, Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke Hernandez, and Dinah Jane Hansen all performed at Sao Paulo’s Fun Pop Fun Festival but Lauren was no wear to be seen and missed all the fun.

Fans video the other girls performing and shared the video on social media.

She really did miss out.