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Janet Street-Porter BREAKS Coleen Nolan’s Microphone Live On ITV Show

On Loose Women this week the presenters were trying to give Janet Street-Porter a huge but she wasn’t having any of it.

Each of the presenters including Coleen Nolan, Nadia Sawalha and Andrew McClean decided to show different ways in what they try to hug Janet as she is famous for not liking hugs but an accident occurred.

When Coleen approached Janet from behind they both got tangled up and she broke Coleen’s microphone.

Andrea walke across the studio to get the broken piece of sound equipment what was on the other side of the studio.

Andrea then said:

“If you’re wondering where I’m going, Janet broke Coleen’s microphone and it’s just over here.”

Looks like someone might have something to pay for.

Gogglebox’s Sandra Refuses To Say Why She Got Sacked From Panto On Loose Women As She Was Caught Drinking Before Going On Stage

It was in December that it was reported that Sandra Martin from Gogglebox was sacked from her panto role after she was caught drinking before she went out on stage.

Now Sandra has appeared on Loose Women and refused to comment when the ladies asked her why she was shocked from the panto.

Nadia Sawalha said to Sandra:

 “You were gonna be in panto weren’t you?”

To what she replied back:

“Yeah I had to leave that one… long story.”

Nadia then asked back:

“Due to health issues…” before laughing nervously.

Janet Street Porter yelled:

“We won’t go there!”

To what Sandra then said:

“You get me!”

Yeah don’t think we will go any further.

Stacey Solomon Flashes Under Arm And Leg Hair As She Quits Shaving For November

Stacey Solomon Flashes Under Arm And Leg Hair As She Quits Shaving For November

Stacey Solomon admitted a few weeks ago that she was giving up shaving her body hair for the month of November but on today’s episode of Loose Women Stacey showed off her new body hair.

Stacey flashed her under arm hair and her leg hair on the show after a month of not shaving.

It wasnt just Stacey who decided to throw the razors away for November as Linda Robson and Nadia Sawalha did too.

Linda and Nadia confessed that they hadn’t grown much hair due to their age but Stacey had a lot.


Loose Women Left Shocked At Nadia Sawalha’s Dirty Lipstick Covered In HAIRS!

Loose Women Left Shocked At Nadia Sawalha's Dirty Lipstick Covered In HAIRS!

Just simply disgusting.

On Loose Women they were talking about how dirty their makeup bags are and that’s when Kay Adams decided to get Nadia Sawalha’s bag out and when she pulled a lipstick out of the bag they all got a shock.

The lipstick was covered in HAIR and it was simply disgusting.

Kay opened the bag and said that it was a “absolutely minging thing” as she replutently put her hands though it.

Holding the lippy in her hand Kay sholuted out:

“It’s actually got a culture growing on top,”

Simply disgusting.

Loose Women Grab Their Boobs As Michaela Strachan Talks About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan appeared on Loose Women on Thursday to talk about her breast cancer diagnoses.

The presenter got all the Loose Women grabbing their boobs after she admitted that she feels her boobs are not her own anymore as she was forced to have implants after having double mastectomy and mastectomy three years ago.

The girls including Penny LancasterNadia Sawalha , Andrea Mclean and Jane More all grabbed their boobs live on the shoe to show their support.

Nadia Sawalha Admits She Has Been Having Botox In her Face To Stop Grinding Of Her Teeth

Nadia Sawalha Admits She Has Been Having Botox In her Face To Stop Grinding Of Her Teeth

Nadia Sawalha has revealed on Loose Women Thursday afternoon that she has been having botox in her face to try and stop herself from grinding her teeth because she has been told that she could lose her teeth because of this habit.

Sawalha has been diagnosed with Bruxism, what is excessive grinding causes teeth to loosen and eventually fall out.

Nadi admitted that the unorthadox treatment has helped but she has already lost one tooth die to her condition.

Nadia said to the other Loose Women:

‘I really do sympathise with Demi Moore because she has the same thing that I do, which is Bruxism, that’s the official term.

She then continued to say:

‘It’s actually teeth grinding. And I grind my teeth so badly, I grind them front and back and side to side. My jaw is almost a bit dislocated.

‘I have to go to very extreme measures. I actually had botox. I have botox injected into the muscle there because otherwise, I could potentially loose all my teeth.’

A video was shown live on the show of her having the treatment as she revealed that she is having it every six months to help with her problem.