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Nicole Williams Gossip Shows Off Her New Claws

OMG how I love claws so much.

So for a while now I have wanted to grow my nails to a good lenght to have them stiletto shape so that’s ecatly what i have done.

On Thursday i went and had my nails done and the man said that he thought they where going to be ‘too short’ to have them stiletto shape but he gave it a try any way and I think he has done a really good job.

I love the shape so much.

WHta’s youre favioute shape

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Love Island Girls Spotted Out Of Villa Having Nails And Hair Done

Love Island girls are allowed to pop out of the villa and get their nails and hair done despite viewers being told that they have to say in the villa all day and are only allowed out to do tasks.

The girls including Tyla, Amber, Gabby, Montana and Olivia where all photo graphed waking the streets in a location in Spain to go to a local hair and beauty salon.

This comes after people noticed that Camillas eyelashes looked a lot different

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Kylie Jenner Spends 5 Hours A Week Doing Her Nails!

Kylie Jenner Spends 5 Hours A Week Doing Her Nails!

   Most women have their nails done, and how long dos it take a hour the most once a month?? Not Kylie Jenner! The reality star has admitted that she spends a whopping five hours a week having her nails done. Kyliesaid that she has her nails done every week and it takes five hours to make sure she gets the perfect claws. Talking to People Stylewatch Miss Jenner said: ‘I get my nails one

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