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Jeremy McConnell To Strip Completely Naked On Channel 4’s Naked Attraction

He’s never out of the headlines but now it seems Jeremy McConnell is going to be causing more tabloids as he is going to be appearing on Naked Attraction.

It’s been said that Jeremy will strip of completely naked and appear on the show according to The Sun.

A source has said:

‘Jeremy has hit rock bottom and thinks that doing this show for a good cause could help him turn his public profile around, even if it does mean getting naked.

‘He’s not ashamed of his tackle. The celebrity one-off show would be a ratings hit, with massive viewing figures.

Sources have said that other celebrities to appear on the show are Joey Essex, Lauren Pope and more.

Joey Essex, Lauren Pope and Jamie Laing To Star On Charity Naked Attraction Special

Naked Attraction Is Going To Return For A Second Series

Ever wanted to see Joey Essex, Lauren Pope or Jamie Laing naked? Then you’re in luck sources have said that all three have signed up to appear on Channel 4 show Naked Attraction for a charity special.

Naked Attraction is a dating show here all the contestants are naked and the person looking for a date only sees parts of the body to see if they like what they see before revealing their head and their full naked body.

The bookers who book the celebrities for TV shows are finding it really hard to find any celebs who want to appear on the Channel 4 show for obvious reasons but Joey, Lauren and Jamie are at the top of their wish list.

A production source has said:

 “The celebrity one-off show would be a ratings hit, with massive viewing figures.

“But producers are having a nightmare in trying to sign up the usual reality star suspects because no-one is prepared to to strip naked on telly.

“Many of those who have been asked would be up for doing something with Channel 4 for charity, but they’ve drawn the line at nudity.

“Once you’ve stripped off on telly there’s no going back and it’s out there forever. Some of them have politely declined and others have just ignored producers’ messages.”

We have to say we just can’t wait to see who actually signs up to this show.

Who would you like to see on Naked Attraction?

Loose Women Go Naked Live On ITV

Wow we wasn’t expecting this at all.

During today’s Loose Women the presenters including Ruth Langsford, Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Kelli Young all stripped off during a segment as they crossed live to the This Morning studioes.

The girls where standing behind coloured screens to cover their modesty as this comes after they had Anna Richardson on the show who is the host of Naked Attraction.

Naked Attraction Praised For Transgender Contestants Taking Part

‘It’s the controversial dating show where a parson looks at six naked people and doesn’t see their face at first only sees their lower body and then after a while they get to see their face and the way they speak and so on.

Now on Naked Attraction has been praised for having transgender contestants on the show and this has gone down really well with the viewing public.

Presenter Anna Richardson introduced Izzy, who identifies as pansexual, meaning she is attracted to people regardless of gender and sexual identity.

Among her lined up dates were a transgender man and woman, a decision which won over many fans of the show on social media, as did the representation of pansexuality on a mainstream dating show.

Anna seemed really excited to have transgender people on the show as she tweeted:

Having the conversation about naked #trans people on #NakedAttraction…genuinely proud moment for me.

We have to say we 1000000% agree with her.

Naked Attraction Returns To Channel 4 With 363 Vagina Close-Ups

It’s the show what causes so many headlines with its nakedness and statistics but now Naked Attraction is returning to Channel 4 and it hasn’t come without it’s controversy.

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Within moments of the show starting it got people talking as all the six girls who where naked had no pubes and where comply clean shaven in the lady garden department.

Twitter erupted with comments about asking where the publes where as people started to tweet asking just where their hair is.

One person tweeted:

‘Where’s the pubes? If you don’t mind me asking…’

Another said:

 ‘What’s so bad about pubes?’

The show has no limits and literally everything was on show in typical Naked Attraction style.

Naked Attraction Is Going To Return For A Second Series

Naked Attraction Is Going To Return For A Second Series

Well this is a shocker!

Naked Attraction aired earlier this year and it was hounded by the press but it seem’s they have decided to have it back for another series.

Naked Attraction is a TV dating show where six complete strangers stand in pods and a screen goes up the body and the person who want’s to find love has to look at their body parts to see if they are compatible.

Now the bosses of the show have annouced that they are on the hunt for new people to take part on the new series of the show.

A source has said:

“The first series of Naked Attraction proved that the nation has a fascination with full frontal nudity and seeing suitors being picked by their privates.

“It drew in fantastic viewing figures and stirred up quite a reaction on social media.

The source then continued:

“There has therefore been little debate among bosses as to whether it should be recommissioned – and they have decided that they want a second series to air in the New Year.”

On the look out for new people to start on the show a report has also said:

“Studio Lambert who make the show were surprised during the first series by just how many members of the public were confident enough to sign up to strip off on TV.
“They’re hoping they’ll will have just a big an intake in the seconds series and have already put out ads online asking for willing individuals to star on the show.”
Online adverts reveal that they are on a quest to find more singletons who are “ready to take radical action to find their perfect partner”.
We have to say this show is a guilty pleasure and we are looking forward to the new series.
What did you think of the show??
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