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Megan McKenna Forced To Leave NTAS Early Due To Illness

Megan McKenna Forced To Leave NTAS Early Due To Illness

She was named one of the best dressed at Tuesday nights National Television Awards but it seems it wasn’t so glamorous for Megan McKenna.

Megan was rushed to hospital and had to leave the TV bash early due to an illness.

Meghan was taken to the hospital nad wired up to a drip.

A source has said to The Sun:

“Megan was rushed to hospital by ambulance with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius last week – and no one knew what was wrong with her. She felt so sick, she didn’t even have the energy to pick up her phone.

“She spent her time in hospital hooked up to a drip – that’s why her arms are bruised – and was later diagnosed with infectious colitis.”

The source then continued to say:

“Megan was gutted she had to leave early, but her health has to come first.

“As much as she was looking forward to a good night out, it just wasn’t worth the risk.”

The condition is when the gut becomes inflamed and is similar to Crohn’s disease.

Lets hope she is feeling better soon.

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Spend The Day After NTA Win Eating Pizza And KFC

Take away food is the best after a heavy night of drinking!

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have spend the day today eating pizza and KFC after they celebrated their massive win at the National Television Awards on Tuesday night.

Holly shared a photo to Instagram of herself eating a slice of pizza before Wednesday’s edition of This Morning and then after the show both Phillip and Holly shared a photo of them both eating a large bucket of KFC in a car.

While presenting the show live today Holly decided to bite into a large bacon butty and she seemed to not have a care in the world.

Holly was out until four AM after he and Philip celebrated winning the best daytime show and was then up early to present This Morning.

Amber Davies Takes Selfie With ‘White Powder’ On Dressing Table Then Deletes Snap!

What are them on the table Amber Davies???

Amber has caused some controversy with her recent selfie after she posed in the mirror with ‘white powder’ a credit card and rolled up paper and fans have been questioning what the items are.

The photo was taken before the National Television Awards on tuesday night and then qs quickly deleted but not before a fan managed to screenshot the snap.

Eyebrows started raising after a few fan s saw the photo before it was deleted and they have wondered what exactly that white powder was on her dressing table in her hotel room.

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Shchofield Ask For A ‘Easy Show’ On This Morning beucase They Will Be Hungover Due To NTA Win

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have asked the bosses of This Morning for an ‘easy show’ on Wednesday morning after their big win at the National Television Awards.

The pair who are currently at London’s O2 arena have just won the award for best daytime show and they have celebrating to do and it normally goes on till the early hours of the morning.

A source has said:

“They know they’re going to have a brilliant night out so they asked bosses to make sure tomorrow’s episode isn’t a huge serious one.

“Viewers love the show after the NTAs so Holly and Phil want to make sure it’s as fun as possible for them.”

It was two years ago when Phillip and Holly pulled an all nighter after they went straight from the after party to the ITV studios where they presented the show on no sleep at all.

We just cant wait for tomorrows show.

Sacked Coronation Steet Actor Bruno Langley Is Spotted Jogging While Cast Attend The NTA Awards

BREAKING NEWS: Bruno Langley Charged With TWO Counts Of Sexual Harassment

It’s not been the best of years for Bruno Langley after he pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges and in the process he was sacked from his role on Coronation Street.

Now with tonight being the National Television Awards all of his fomrer cast members have headed to London’s O2 Arena for the biggest night in TV but Bruno has been spotted out going for a jog.

The actor was running around a field near his home in Manchester.

Bruno, who played Todd Grimshaw, was sacked from the soap after groping two women in a Manchester nightclub.

NTA Drama As Coronation Street Cast, Gemma Collins And Nadia Essex Get Stuck In Traffic To O2 Arena

It wouldn’t be the National Television Awards without some London traffic!

Tonight is the biggest night in TV and some for the celebrities might not make it to the O2 arena in time as Gemma Collins, Nadia Essex and some of the Coronation Street cast got stuck in traffic on the way into the arena.

Nadia took to her instagram page to shared a video announcing that she is stuck in traffic and she was sitting alongside Gemma.

Nadia said in the video:

“Jeez traffic SADIQ KHAN can we sort out the traffic will I even make the NTAS been in car since 5 pm SadiqKhan please help.”

“Stuck in traffic but having a ball in the car with my date missgemcollins.”


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