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Where To Watch Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester Concert Tonight?

Watch Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester Concert Live Here NOW!

Tonight lie from Manchester Old Trafford will air Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert and fans who are not attending the event will be able to watch live on TV and on the internet.

The concert will begin at 7PM tonight and will feature lots of star singers including Justin Bieber, Take That, Nicki Minaj, Little Mix and plenty more.

The concert will air on BBC One on TV and also we will be showing you the concert live as it happens on NicoleWilliamsGossip.co.uk.

Please remember to tune in to this site at 7PM to see the fantastic concert and hopefully lots of money will be raised for the poor people caught up in last weeks terror attack.

If you would like to watch the concert tonight click HERE!


(Please note this link will only work after 6:50PM this evening)

Katie Price Excites Fans With Some “Exciting News” On Twitter

Katie Price Excites Fans With Some "Exciting News" On Twitter

She’s had a tough couple of months after she annouced that she is taking a break from the public eye to focus on her marriage and her family but now Katie Price has taken to her Twitter account to share some “exciting news”.

The mum of five to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to tweet:

“Just had some amazing news”


Fans have urged Katie to reveal what this news is but it seem’s she’s not saying nothing yet.

Tyga Settles His $200,000 Bill To Jewelry Seller!


Thank Goodness for that!

Tyga has managed to pay off his $200,000 bill to a jewelry seller what has been going on for a while.

Tyga spent all that money on jewelry for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and it seem’s he was struggler ing pay it off a few months back but now it’s all been payed off.

The case was even taken to court because Jason of Beverly Hills just wanted his money from the rapper.

Reports have said that Tyga payed off the debt all by himself without any help from anyone else but it wasn’t looking good for the rapper because sources have said that Jason was going to make Tyga’s financial reports public and it seem’s Kylie’s would have been published too.

Now they both don’t need to worry about that now that it has been payed off.

It’s good that they no longer need to worry about that massive bill.

Brad Pitt Never Spend Thanksgiving With Angelina Jolie And The Family!

Angelina Jolie Does NOT Want Brad Pitt Prosecuted!

As we told you earlier this week that plan for Thanksgiving was for Brad Pitt to spend it with his former wife Angelina Jolie for the kids sack but it seem’s that couldn’t have been further from what happened as Brad was not with Jolie or his children.

Apparently Angelina never invited Brad round the house for thanksgiving.

A source has said that Brad never went thanksgiving with any of his family at all as it said:

“Angelina did not invite Brad to spend Thanksgiving with their kids.”

It must have been so hard for him not having his family around him for the first time but we just hope that his children where ok.

Angelina Jolie Makes Her First Speech Since The End Of Her Marriage As She Talks About Crimes Against Children

Angelina Jolie Makes Her First Speech Since The End Of Her Marriage As She Talks About Crimes Against Children

She has only been spotted out in public a handful of times since she annouced that she was to divorce her husband Brad Pitt back in September.

Now Angelina Jolie has made her first speech since her marriage came to an end.

Her speech was about crimes against children as this comes after International Criminal Court‘s brought out a new policy.

The speech was filmed on camera and has been uploaded online for you to watch below.

During the speech she said:

“There can be no complete justice without consideration for the victims of the war crimes themselves, and the practical assistance they need to move on with their lives and overcome the harm they have suffered. That is why the work of the trust fund is important and must be supported and strengthened over time … [prosecution of these crimes] is part of the long and vital generational effort. That is the light in which I believe the court’s new policy on children should be seen.”

She continued:

“I particularly welcome the commitment to include charges for crimes against children wherever the evidence permits as part of a more systematic approach. I congratulate the office of the chief prosecutor and all those working on the policy.”

“The impact of crimes against children is felt down the generations. We know we aren’t giving the best to children.”

Since her speech people have been wondering if was aimed at Brad.

What do you think??